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Dec 4, 2005 15:00:00 - Dec 5, 2005 01:00:00, Amsterdam

Date: Nov 16, 2005
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:: Prog As A Frog - 04122005 - Amsterdam ::

Presenting a progression in psychedelic perception,
a fusion of sounds and visions from our future past,
Prog as a Frog will expose a myriad phases & faces
of psychedelic trance culture, to create and share
a common and growing perspective
of our mutual present

* Besides lining up the finest progressive & psychedelic artists, we will offer:
- the partypics gallery
- an instant message board
- the history of psychedelic flyer art
- an introduction to Cubase by Zebra-N & Liftshift
- CD presentation of the latest album of Arctone
- atmospheric sounds by White Wind
- culinary intermezzo hosted by PowPow

* Furthermore:
- the first 50 visitors will receive a free CD!
- the first 5 visitors to correctly answer the following pop quiz, will get free entrance:
1. name the latest album by Sensient;
2. Twisted (1995) is the first album from which producer ?
3. name the track by dutch artist Zen Mechanics on "State of Awareness" (Ajuca rec);
4. on which label did Protoculture release his album "Refractions" (2003) ?

:: bloem ::


* Lined up for

your Aural Pleasure are:

- Live acts:

White Wind (IamIproductions)

ArcTone (

- Deejays:

Betty (Ajuca Records)

Fluoelf (Prog as a Frog)

Marcia (9Lives, Prog as a Frog)

* Chosen to perform

Optical Intrusions:

- Analogue Projections by: Rorschach & Rorschach

- Vizuals by: Artivizuals

- Decoration by: D-Core


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