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Date: Oct 20, 2005
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Djing since 1992 , Dj Ma?l has began to play in paris , and became here quickly one of the good names of the « parisian » scene . Most of his reputation came from the fact that he was one of the rare trance djs of these days who had a perfect mixing technique , when most of the other djs were playing with DAT tapes , and when they come to play in france with this “local” dj , they were quite impressed and began to book him outside france , in england or switzerland...and now the adventure could start.

After this relation with the dancefloor ,as a musician (guitar player), Ma?l investigate
himself into the music production to finalize a dream ; create his own music!

In 1996 , Ma?l created a band with Lestat , who was already releasing music under the
name of talamasca , and christof drouillet , who was the half of the well known band Transwave , and who was just beginning his solo project called Absolum , to make this incredible full on music under the name of “Elixir”.

But making music was still not enough , and they decided together in 1998 to create a french label , and then 3D Vision arrived on the scene , and have been quickly respected
all over the world , bringing Mael to play dj sets for the 3d vision parties in every possible corner of the globe...1998 is also the year when the name Nomad began to appear on many cds .

He released his first album , “Hyperactive” was released in october 2001 , and his second album , “mad attack” two years later in october 2003 on the 3d vision label , and gave a
lot of tracks to many other labels.( see discography.)

After those two albums , Nomad had left a bit the trance scene, to make another label
called Hoots records , label more orientated in a lounge atmospheric music , with a fusion between electronic and accoustic instruments....the first release of this label , “electronic summer in corsica” , including his own production under the name "Nomadbrothers" , in collaboration with a panel of talented acoustic musicians, that created his personnal style .

But in 2004 , the call of the “jumping – dancefloor” pulled him back strongly in the scene, because he created with talamasca the Mind control label , and is now working on his
next album , expected near automn 2005


Dj MAEL (Mind Control Records France) X-NOMAD==

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Akadimias & Zoodohou Pigis 3, (X-Ct Plus)

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