Belgium  Juno Reactor, Etnoscope and Whicked Hayo In Concert

Oct 22, 2005, Gent

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Date: Oct 7, 2005
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Pioneer in Tribal Trance since 1998

Juno Reactor are best know for ther over the top cinematic trance epics utilized in equally overwrought action adventure films like THe Matrix: Realoded and Revolution, Once upon the time
in Mexico, Mortal Kombat, Animatrix,..
Juno Reactor is an amazing live performance with 8 musicians from all over the globe: South-Afrika, Uk, Usa,... They will be playing accompagned by full acid sound synthisizers.

Etnoscope (Digital Structure, SWE)

Etnoscope are three artist from Sweden that bring a tribal-progressive sound.
Together with Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere,... they form the residents of Digital Structures
and theire performance is guaranteed to bring some of the most impresive progressive quality sounds in Europe. You can expect a real live act with vocals percussion, didge, and outher instruments.

Whicked Hayo(Femina Mandragora, Rhakti Dei, Trbal Gathering BE)

Whicked Hayo presenting a whole new style of music, digitally mastered with a rich analog sound, e.g. through the sound of guitar, flute, sax, and many other instruments and samples. Their set will continue along the theme of the party, with new tracks and live instrumentals rooted in the tribal traditions of different continents. Look out for the LP coming out in spring 2006.

DJs: LA NEBULEUSE (thailand in the blue moon party ancestor of the full moon party, Shivamoon Festival, Galactic Federation , Netherlands)

Mahiane (Aes Dana, Ultimae Rec , France)

Djamoon aka Marko (Belgium)

Kairon (Kairoo Rec , Belgium)

Deejay sets will be brought by experienced artists, rather than upcoming or popular acts in psytrance. The ceremony will be opened by Mahiane, Owner of the french label Ultimae Records, with a tribal-progressive warming up along the tradition of this world-class ambient label. We figured that this is the best way to open a magical, mystical night.
La Nebuleuse, a veteran in tribal music since 1993, playing from Ibiza to Brazil, from the beaches of Goa to the Full Moon parties in Thailand, has spent most of his life making people dance and guiding nights of psychedelic trance. These deejays will be accompagnied by two of Belgium's experienced pioneers in goa and psytrance,

Kairon and Djamoon. Deejay Kairon is the manager of Kairoo records, and Djamoon, also known as Marko, is one of the residents of the after parties in Larocca.




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