Netherlands  EarthDance Amsterdam 2005

Sep 17, 2005 21:00:00 - Sep 18, 2005 21:00:00, Amsterdam

Date: Sep 3, 2005
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EarthDance Amsterdam raises funds and awareness.
Our local chartiy is the Tibet Support Group NL

Only a very limited amount of tickets available !
Buy online tickets now:


Buy online tickets now:
Only a very limited amount of tickets available !

Conscious Dreams Kokopelli - Warmoesstraat 12, Amsterdam
Open: 7 days a week; 11-22 hours Tel: 020.4217000

Conscious Dreams Dreamlounge - Kerkstraat 113, Amsterdam
Tel: 020.6266907 Open: 7 days a week; 11-20 hours

C.W.H. - Spuistraat 250, Amsterdam
Tel: 020.3306385 Open: Tuesday - Saturday; 12-18 hours

Stupermundi - Waterlooplein Amsterdam
Open: Monday - Saturday: 10-16 hours

Conscious Dreams Euphoria - Schoolstraat 11, Den Haag
Tel: 070-3562551 Open: Tuesday- Sunday: 12-19 hours

Conscious Dreams Altered State - Papengracht 3 Leiden
Tel: 071.5131275 Open: Tuesday - Saturday 12-18 hours

Conscious Dreams State of Mind - State of Mind, Haarlem
Tel: 023.5310882 Open: Tuesday- Saturday 11-19 hours

State of Mind Conscious Dreams Oude Gracht 226, Utrecht
Tel: 030.2319071 Open: Tuesday- Saturday 11-19 hours

Amsterdams UitBuro
Leidseplein / hoek Marnixstraat
Tel 0900.0191 (0,40 ct/ min)
Online Tickets:

Route by public transport:
From Amsterdam Central Station: Bus 18 or bus 22
From Amsterdam Centre: Tramline 10

Route by car:
From the south: Take exit S 103 on the ring West (signposted to Haarlem and Halfweg), then follow the signs to Amsterdam Centre for two km.
From the north: Take exit S 104 on the Ring West (signposted to Haarlem), then follow the signs to Amsterdam Centre into the Haarlemmerweg for 1,5 km.

Carparking available: Parkeergarage Westersluis, Haarlemmerweg ( € 2 / hour)
Bicycles can be placed in the racks inside the park of the Westergasfabriek

EarthDance Amsterdam 2005 is sponsered by:
- Conscious Dreams
- Conscious Dreams Kokopelli
- Conscious Dreams Dreamlounge
- De Westergasfabriek
- Ink On Paper

Awakening our Hearts, United as One, Peace on Planet Earth.


Do you have plans for Saturday September 17, 2005 ?

That’s when over 200,000 world citizens in over 50 countries - along with many online attendees - will join together in venues across the world from large-scale festivals, concert halls and clubs, to city parks, community halls, backyards and living rooms for the 9th Annual Earthdance--The Global Festival For Peace.

Earthdance, which has been called “The Dance Aid for the New Millennium,” has grown into the world’s largest synchronized music and lifestyle event, now occurring in well over 150 cities in 50 countries.

The synchronized music & lifestyle event supporting non-profit environmental and human rights organizations around the world.

The highlight of Earthdance is a simultaneous link-up, when every event across the world plays the 4-minute Prayer for Peace track at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Morning in the Australian rainforest, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas, the Prayer for Peace is a profound and powerful unifying moment.

The mega-event’s mission is to unite world communities in support of non-profit humanitarian and peace-related causes, and foster an environment of peace and harmony throughout the global sphere. In the spirit of "Think Global, Act Local," each local Earthdance promoter must donate at least 50% of their profit to a local charity.

Since its 1997 launch (in 18 countries), this grass roots-fueled juggernaut has generated both awareness and financial support for non-profit organizations across the world. The selected charities work for the welfare of children, urban youth or indigenous peoples, international relief and development, environmental protection, and peace.

Founded by producer, promoter, and musician Chris Deckker, Earthdance sprung out of the synergy he experienced infusing spiritual concepts into mainstream U.K. clubs. “The blueprint for Earthdance was simple,” he says. “It’s a day when the world can unite through the universal platform of music and dance to affirm peace and celebrate cultural diversity.” From stadium concerts to living room gatherings, there are no conditions on how big or small an event has to be. The spirit of Earthdance is participation on whatever level possible.

The international success of Earthdance has been driven by the connective power of internet. Born from the internet revolution, Earthdance has truly captured the social networking power that the web offers and demonstrates how the internet can be used to further positive humanitarian goals.

In 1999, Earthdance conducted one of the world’s first successful global webcast featuring 12 cities. In 2004, they conducted a global web cast of 36 Earthdance events around the world with support provided by innovative technology company Macromedia. Deckker says, “Earthdance has been credited as one of the early pioneers in the ability of the Internet to profoundly influence global culture.”

Earthdance International, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
For more information, visit


Main Stage Live:

Eat Static (Mesmobeat Records / Solstice Records, UK)

S-Range (Liquid / Spiral Trax Records / Steinberg, Sweden)

Mad Contrabender (Midjum Records, NL)


Antaro (Spirit Zone Records / VooV Experience, Germany)

Dark Angel (Ozma Project, UK)

Bluestorm vs Zentaur (DreamWorks, NL)

World Dance Area hosted by All is One & Spirit:

Pang Ku Pang (Live, NL)

DJ Tommy (All is One, Spirit, NL)

DJ Edo Salgado (Spirit, NL)

DJ Kareem Raihani (Spirit, NL)

DJ Juha (All Is One, NL)

Lhasa Dance Movement (Tibet)

Chillout - hosted by DreamWorks:

Conch (Live, NL)

DJ Fatman (FX, NL)

DJ Walter (The Well, NL)


Dave Green (Inside-us-all, UK)

Jakob Hronek (Tekno-logical, Austria)

Max in the Mix (USA)

Circus Theatre Performances:

Micha & The Cosmic Girls (Australia)

Luminika (Australia)


Tomastic & Bas (Sweden)

Pandora Visuals (NL)

A&R (NL)


3D Dynamic Deco:
Funplastica (Germany)
Dreamworks (NL)
StuperMundi (NL)
ZEM 114 (NL)


25,- presale


Westergasfabriek, Tranceformatorhouse

Haarlemmerweg 8-10


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