Lithuania  Jegaveda equinox gathering

Sep 22, 2005 - Sep 25, 2005

Date: Sep 2, 2005
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Jegaveda means “being lead by the divine” and is a name for the magic gathering in the sacred Goodwill forest in Lithuania. The festival’s site is located on the peninsula in between black and white lakes, between day and night, fire and water, air and earth, winter and summer – a perfect place for an equinox celebration.
Reconnect yourself with the divine! Feel the pulse of the universe! Be the pulse!

The festival will be divided into two parts. The first one is going to be the actual autumnal equinox celebration which falls on the first day of the festival and the second will be a Trance dance ritual which will start with the sunset on the second day and will last until the end of the festival.

Open Air

Portal Protection Live - Estonia

Adrin - Euthanasia, Byelorussia

Blue Storm - Netherlands

Delos - Euthanasia, Byelorussia

Escogido - SiLoka

Kurant - Mind Syrup

Man@Space - Liquids, Latvia

Modulated Ficus - Mind Syrup

Shakti -, Estonia

Tim Duster - Elixiria, Finland

Trantic - Transformers, UK

Xynus - SiLoka


VJ Wickiss, specially for Jegaveda created string and other decos, fire dancing






Goodwill forest

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