Romania  TC Tribal Afterweekend

Jul 29, 2005 16:00:00 - Jul 31, 2005 16:00:00, Sibiu / Herrmannstadt

Date: Jul 8, 2005
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for the ppl who will fall in LOVE with Transylvania we are thinking about to make another magic weekend with our smaller Dreamspace soundsystem on a spot we have just had a great party (after all last weekend... it was so beautyfull that we dont want you to miss this View from up there and the sweet landscape!
you can see SIBIU and 3 other small villages and all about 20 km away.. also if u turn in the other direction u can just see green mountians all over the place.. you can check some fotos a guest made from the summersolstice last weekend

more fotos will follow

music i guess by everyone who is going to be left after the TC Gathering

so its worth exploring the area for a while and find out later who is still in the country and check out what everyone has experienced in that week
how many become Vampires etc (joke:)

if the gathering turnes out well we can say that we do it for free and only in case we are experiencing a financial loss (ruin) we may have to charge you at least some small fee for the setup and run!

our guests can also go straigt there after TC if they want and camp while wating for us! (we have to leave the TC location as we have found it of course!!!) its an amazing place to explore if you want some more Naturemagic!

idea came up just after feeling this amazing energy up there!
more fotos and info to be followed suggestion and ideas welcome!!!!i hope some ppl get involved so we can make it nice and cozy for all of us! i also talk here to the TC CREW as not all of them know that yet!!!

Open Air

:) surprise many who ha d no space on the gatehrings line up and the left over djs and acts!


yes :D very unique


15 / 10




Sibiu/ 8km before Pältinis Mountain Station

2400 Sibiu / Herrmannstadt Transylvan

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