Australia  Psykedelic Therapy

Jul 30, 2005 21:00:00 - Jul 31, 2005 06:00:00, Sydney

Date: Jul 13, 2005
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All profits from this event will be going to the Australian Youth-based social welfare/mental health service, Reach Out! ( ). It is a service for helping young Australians through tough times and helping them to move on.

Presenting to you a night of some of Australia's best psychedelic night artists and dj's, alongside some of Sydney's finest progressive dj's and artists. Including never seen before back2back collaborations.

There will also be an afterparty provided by the REGEN crew for National Tree Day, in collaboration with this event!

Full details for this will be available on the night!

Pondscum (aka Luke), is a Melbourne artist who has recently been signed to Portuguese label Ketuh Records . He has been described as Melbourne's best kept secret, and has become a hit in the Melbourne trance scene, never failing to impress! He has a release on the very latest Ketuh Records compilation In Crypto as well as the upcoming compilation Hyper Spatial Chrysalis . He will be making his debut Sydney performance for this event.

Check out more about Pondscum here:

Alongside Pondscum, we also will have the first set in Sydney by Melbourne DJ Nimda of the Alien Earth crew (responsible for bringing out the likes of Azax Syndrome and Jahbo). Nimda was previously a part of the infamous Tranceplant crew, and these days is a regular feature at both indoor and outdoor parties in Melbourne due to his unique flavour in hard psychedelic night music.

Check out more about Nimda here:

All DJs and Artists involved are all kindly donating their time for this event.

More about Reach Out!:

Since its launch in 1998 over 2.5 million young Australians have benefited from this organizations service. It's site receives over 2,400 people every day. It's service assists people with finding solutions to mental heath issues such as depression, as well as social welfare issues so they can move on with their lives.

Reach Out! is an initiative of the non-profit organization, the Inspire Foundation. Since being founded Reach Out! has received acclaim from a variety of sources in both the Internet and mental health fields.

Sound: Liquid Sound Design rig. Tweaked to perfection by Secret Weapon



- Pondscum ( Ketuh Records , Melbourne )

- Nimda ( Alien Earth , Melbourne )


- Oculus (aka Didgitalis & Float tank ) ( Floatation Records )

- TrAcT ( Killah! Tea/Demon Tea Records ) -Vs- RaptoR ( Mechanik Sound Records )

- Darkchild ( T-Quest ) -Vs- aDaMT ( EPP Records )

- Agent23 -Vs- Mash ( The Illuminati Records Duo )


Venue transformed into a Psykedelicc playground. Visuals/VJ'ing by ReZidue Visuals


$15 before Midnight, $20 after



114 Castlereagh St City, City

2000 Sydney NSW

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