United States  N'Light'N - Ambient Alchemy

Jun 10, 2005 22:00:00 - Jun 11, 2005 22:00:00, NYC

Date: May 26, 2005
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Reality Engine invites you to join us at N'Light'N, as we transmute varied backgrounds, mediums and genres into an element more valuable than the sum of its parts. Friday, June 10th we gather to experience the eclectic electronic music culture emerging on the enlightened fringe where styles and thoughts intersect. N'light'N's Ambient Alchemy will be the only East Coast date on the Ambient Alchemy Tour ( www.ambientalchemy.com ), featuring internationally renowned producer Shulman from Israel, Shen, the new downtempo project from well-respected techno producer Noah Pred and eclectic beats buzzkid of the moment, Bluetech. The wholly unique and inspiring movie 1 Giant Leap, which features world music and great thinkers from all around the world will be screened at 10pm. The innovative theatre company, Archedream join us in Reality Engine's full-on multi-media environment for an intimate night of next level music and full spectrum atmosphere.

Eclectic multi-media culture is emerging, and we're excited to share our creativity, passion, and destroy a few genre descriptions in the process.

Also presenting:
ARCHEDREAM ( www.archedream.com )
ArcheDream are an archetypal mask theatre company, which uses ritual, movement and myth to present allegorical dramas. The inspiration for ArcheDream is derived from ancient rituals where the Devine mingled with Humankind. Their theatre uses various forms of dance, innovative music, multimedia projections, archetypal masks and costumes that are illuminated with ultra-violet light, accentuating the supernatural aspects to reveal the dreamscape as the action unfolds. ArcheDream is founded on the quality of the individual artist participating in a collaborative effort. They will be performing 2 scenes from their original performance "The Shamyn's Breath".

1 Giant Leap ( www.1giantleap.tv )
Featuring such incredible musicians as Baaba Maal from Senegal, Ashe Bhosle from India, Brian Eno from the UK, and visionary thinkers like Ram Dass and Kurt Vonnegut, 1 Giant Leap fuses documentary filmmaking, innovative audio/visual piece and a global cultural project to create something unlike anything you've ever seen before. Guided by the principal of illustrating "Unity through Diversity" two music producers travel the world recording and speaking with a wide range of people and piece together the common strands that exist underneath the surface. Please join us at 10PM for this unique film experience.

Visuals by VJ's Matyas and Jordan

Decor surprises and special guests abound

Visionary artworks by St.Even :
( www.divinereflections.ca )


LIVE Acts:

SHULMAN (Aleph Zero – Israel)

( www.shulman.info )

The Shulman project, comprised of Yaniv Shulman and later joined by Omri Harpaz, is considered one of the leading groups in psychedelic chill out and ambient electronic music. Shulman's music is filled with evolving organic layers backed by rich harmonies. With two albums already released, Shulman is busy working on several new projects at the moment.

Yaniv also manages Aleph Zero ( www.aleph-zero.info ) a well-respected label, with partner Shahar Bar-Itzhak (aka DJ Shahar). Aleph Zero was created with a vision of releasing and promoting high quality downbeat electronic music, journeying through the realms of ambient, chill out, ethnic sounds and weird electronica.

BLUETECH (Aleph Zero, Native State)

( www.bluetechonline.com )

Evan Bluetech stormed onto the scene in 2003 with the release of "Prima Materia" on seminal ambient label Waveform, and has since appeared on many compilations.

In 2004 he released “Elementary Particles" on his own

Native State ( www.nativestaterecords.com ), and both albums were re-released by Shulman's Aleph Zero imprint. He has quickly built an avid fan base through his unique blend of IDM, chill-out, dub, and other genres. Not content to stay in the studio, he is often

found on tour through Europe, Canada, and the United


2005 will see the launch of Native State into a fully operational label with the introduction of a compilation in time for summer. Bluetech will be playing music from both albums, as well as over an hour of new music.

SHEN (Sentient Sound, Metapath)

( www.noahpred.com )

Audio explorer and sonic architect operating from the wild realms of the Pacific Northwest, Noah Pred a.k.a. Shen - has produced digital music under various guises for the past eight years.

Focused on a deeply expansive sound, which aims to reflect the interconnected nature of experience, he has DJ’d and performed live at numerous gatherings throughout Europe and North America.

His productions have appeared on over twenty labels, garnering critical acclaim worldwide. He currently runs two labels of his own Metapath Recordings ( www.metapathrecordings.com ) and Sentient Sound ( www.sentientsound.net ) . Noah continues to develop his work through integrated approaches to audio, communication, and consciousness itself.


$20, $25 at the door


(212) 726 TOAD

website: http://realityengine.org/events

Spirit Yoga Center

The 4th floor of 540 W. 27th St.


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