May 7, 2005 - May 7, 2005 09:00:00, Gazi-Athens

Date: Apr 19, 2005
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door: 20E (includes a drink - no presale)
midnight till late
18+ only
No illegal substances
Positive Vibes Essential

Irrational Impulse would like to invite you to our second club event. On decks there will be DJ Banel, co-owner of the Danish Iboga, playing his brand of nightime psygressive, along with Greece-based Stratos of Candyflip Records and our very own Vassilis. All artists are 100% confirmed.

There’s not much more to say. We hope that partygoers will join us for another night of cool, unpretentious fun in one of Athens’ most hospitable venues.

There seems to be a little underground resurgence in Athens lately with parties happening again. Let’s all help to keep it clean and safe.

Contact us at

Feel free to fire questions.

Be good, be real
The I I crew


BANEL (Iboga Recs)

STRATOS (Candyflip Recs)

VASSILIS (Irrational Impulse)

"YOU Club" ex "X Bug"

Dekeleon 26


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