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Date: Apr 18, 2005
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With a DJ career now entering its 13th year, D-nox has become an internationally renowned performer, respected by DJ’s and clubbers alike for his unusual and innovative sets.
The style of his DJ sets is to exhibit the great spectrum of sounds provided by housemusic; varying through progressive and techhouse whilst incorporating aspects of techno and trance. His skill with the vinyls, his impeccable choice of tracks, and his unique charisma combine to provide an exceptional experience.
With his talents D-nox can turn a night from a normal party into an electronic carnival. This ability has seen him being booked in some of the best parties and clubs around the world. Past dates have included Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Melbourne, Vienna, Budapest, Oslo, London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Zürich, Zagreb, Tel Aviv and many others. In addition he has played at some of the most famous music festivals in the world such as Voov, Rainbow Serpent, Labyrinth, Boom, Universo Paralello, Lovefield, Arvika ...Aside from djing D-nox is head of Sprout & Plastik Park, two German record labels. Both labels are distributed worldwide by Intergroove and well respected in the international DJ scene. Label artists include; Fitalic, Absolut & Blade, Groove Express, Beckers, Air Bureau and others. Many previous releases on these labels have found their way into the playlists of DJ’s such as John Digweed, Pete Tong, Marc O Tool, Piliavin & Zimbardo, Oliver Moldan.
For the last few years D-nox has also been working on his own productions. The first international breakthrough came in 2003 as Groove Express on Sprout, whilst his current release is a remix of the Air Bureau track “We Shine”. This has become a big hit in the clubs and is still being regularly played. For next year he is working on a few 12 inches, some of these will be released on Polaroid (the new Infusion Vinyl Label), and others on Kasey Taylor’s new Vapour Recordings sublabel.

GIO RED it’s one part of the DRONE project based in Thessaloniki, releasing two albums and numerous tracks on labels like Headstick,Joystick,Candyflip..

VANJA it’s one of the founders of the macedonian trance scene , starting one of the pionner projects in electronic music in Macedonia called "Unique" and performing on some of the first most sugnificiant events in Macedonia in general such as Tribal gathering, Crossing Borders festival etc, also working with multimedia projects such as "Sindy 'F Rella and the Unique" and "Biosquad", activelly involved in the trance scene since '96 as a dj and musician, making it’s parties under several marks from wich the most sugnificiant so far is Transforma. Being recognised for the deep , groovy ,tribal psychedelic and progressive sound Vanja has performed since years back in coutries like Macedonia,Greece,Serbia,Croatia,Slovenia,Romania,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Morocco,South Africa including : Voov-Experience, OV-Silence , Antaris Project, Full Moon festival , Sweet Vibes festival , Ruigoord Landjuweel festival, AFU festival , Transolar festival with hundreds of club parties and small open airs . Vanja it’s currently part of the Ov-silence records and crew from Germany.

Open Air & Indoor



plastic park, sprout, tatsu, de



drone, headstick, candyflip, gr



transforma, ov-silence, mk


AFA & Transforma




00 389 70 269 710,

club Belvi

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