South Africa  Groovy Troopers + Turbo Trance Records :: Triptych Live!

Apr 30, 2005, Cape Town

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Date: Mar 27, 2005
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Known for his unique and original style, Triptych's sound is wide, dynamic, clear and powerful. Listening to him is pleasurable and compelling. Electrology, Triptych's new album is a stunning example of high-tech production, hybrid musical fusion and pure fun. Expect pumping rhythms, estatic melodies and funky basslines.


Based in the south of France, Turbo Trance is one of Europe's top-ranking psy-lables. Founded in 2000, it has grown fast, evolving sounds at the cutting edge of trance and bringing together a family of highly talented, innovative and committed artists. April 30th sees their main artist, Triptych, performing live in SA for the first time.


Triptych (Turbo Trance Records, France)
Slug (Nexus Media)
DMMT (BPM, Alien Safari)
Tone Deaf Junkies (Bulldozer Studios)
Lost + Found (Beartrap)

DJs: Charles Michaud (Triptych, Turbo Trance Records)
Protoculture (Nano Records)
Lox (Vortex)
Connecto (BPM)
Sway (upstairs)
Zee (Groovy Troopers)
+ special guests


0043 650 456 2 111 ab 22:00

Cape Town

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