Romania  Transylvania Calling 2005 / Gathering of the Tribes

Jul 21, 2005 15:00:00 - Jul 24, 2005 19:00:00, Sibiu / Herrmannstadt

Date: Feb 14, 2005
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only 1000 Tickets!!!!!

Presale started already in
Germany: dmt @
Belgium: lieve @
Bulgaria: channium @
Sweden: mindseye @

to get more info on how you get an invitation please drop an email with your apply and your details to dmt @

Full name:
Looking for the real Spirit?
The Gathering 2005 is beginning 21 July with a FullMoon &
ending 24 July with the Mayan New Years Eve

Come with your Tribe and Experience the Magical forgotten Transylvania and the FullMoon Gathering, in an unique spot of mother nature!

The "Land beyond the Forest"

Europe's best kept secret - a region rich in folklore and tradition, friendliness and warm hospitality, myth, mystery and legend. Villages straight out of the pages of a fairytale remain havens of peace and
tranquillity and a reminder of a past age; historic, mediaeval towns blend the art and culture of three civilizations - Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon
while ancient citadels, fortified churches and castles stand guard over this land encircled by the rugged wilderness of the Carpathians, the last
bastion for many of the continent's plants and animals and a paradise for riding, walking or mountain biking etc.

Siebenbuergen / Transylvania belonged to different states in the course of its history:
in the antiquity the Daker -, then the Roman realm, in the Middle Ages the Kingdom of Hungary, in the modern times of the Habsburger monarchy and since 1918 Romania.
One of the residents cultures are the "Transylvania Saxons", who where called approx. 860 years ago from one of the Hungarian kings who confirmed Transylvania by document as a Hungarian state. They contributed considerably to the development Transsilvanias. Many of the today's cities, villages and castles were built of the "Saxons". The designation "Saxons" is misleading, since the settlers originated not exclusively from Saxonia but from Flandern, Luxemburg, Austria (Tirol) from 1734). 1930 still approx. 250,000 saxons lived in Romania, there is today only about 20,000, most left after the communist dictatorship to Germany.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~21 July 2005 Blue Galactic Storm FullMoon!

a yearly event, designed to educate and help while having nothing else but fun and teamwork! It’s a once-a-year gathering where we can take some time to relax, share, learn, make music, dance, etc.

There will be only 1,000 tickets available for this event and there has already been many reservations so far. there is 604 spots left!! To avoid disappointment, get your ticket as soon as the website is working. If you write an mail to us we can reserve it for you and inform when we launch the website.

EMP Workshop & Artist Exchange
9 July 2005 - 19 July 2005

40 people will have the special opportunity of meeting some of the artists in the line up for 10 days to produce together with them some high quality electronic music! The best tracks made in that time will be released on a special compilation and will be played at Transylvania Calling Gathering 2005. The EMP Workshop takes place in and around of a castle in Transylvania not far from Hermannstadt / Sibiu which is surrounded by massive big walls.

If you ever wanted to have some experienced electronic music producers around you to give you tips and help you out where you get stuck, this is the chance to meet some of them and many others who decided to get into producing electronic music.

Participants of the Electronic Music Producer Workshop should bring theyr active small speakers, soundcard, headphones and laptops if they have. We will also provide around 10 working spotsYou will make music in groups and get assistance & lessons for fruity loops, cubase and other software from experienced producers. Pepe from Squaremeat will lead the Workshop! cost 10 euro per person and day. You need tent, sleeping bag, camping gear and some euro for food what cost little extra.There might be some sharerooms available for xtra costs in one of the many houses inside the walls, or you can even find another place somewhere in the village cause many people rent out rooms. Or you just camp on the green grass inside the walls which is included in the 10 euro.

The actual official Gathering will be held at a magic location with a creek running by it, starting with the fullmoon on thursday and ending with the Mayan New Years Eve on sunday on 2 stages (Main & Chill out), with crystal clear sound and quiet generators. :)


The place will be kept Secret. As we can not announce the locations on the net or on the flyer you must please apply for Invitation by sending an email containing a small introduction/bio of yourself and why you or your Tribe think this gathering is the one you need to be at. also we need to know if you wanna participate on the EMP Workshop as this is limited to 40 ppl capacity..
We hope you understand why we have to do some things different then you are used from Festivals.. We wanna make a difference and unfortunatly its not even possible in another way.. if you have any suggestions, critics or comments.. you are more then welcome to write an email!

There will be hopefully few busses organized from Finland (Elixiria Crew/Helsinki) [click here] , Germany (Ravetours/Munich) [click here], Hungary (OZORA Crew/Budapest [click here]

If you want to organize a bus from your country, or if you want to do some talking, a workshop, a stall, some performance, etc, or if you just want to help out in some way, please get in touch with us by email!


Take responsibility of yourself and your actions!

Don't litter in the forest!
Dreamtime Productions
Email dmt @

Open Air

Live Atma & R-Tur (Transylvania)

Big Wigs (Poland)

Disham (Bulgaria)

Eat Static (UK)

Fragrant Vagrant (Sweden)

Haltya (Finland)

Highpersonic Whomen (Finland)

Hux Flux (Sweden)

Jahbo (Denmark)

Kiwa (Funland)

Kino Oko (Poland)

Krumelur (Sweden)

Loopus in Fabula (Italy)

Lunaspice (France)

Midi Terranien (Germany)

Procs (Sweden)

Praecox (Poland)

Salakavala (Funland)

Shakta (Uk)

Squaremeat (Funland)

Sienis (Sweden)

Shuma (Croatia)

Spiralix (Sweden)

Sun Control Species (Australia)

Talpa (Serbia)

Tamlin (Sweden)

Torakka (Funland)

Trold (Norway)

VishNuData (Finland)

Whicked Hayo (Belgium)

Full Line Up! pls no more...

DJ's Akira Indika (Gemany)

Ani & Sandal Wood (Solros/Bulgaria)

Avatar (Sweden)

Chaos (Germany)

Drooid (Australia)

James Monro (Brasil)

Krishan (Sweden)

Loopus (Italy)

Macke Matic (KIWA)

Penta Pan (Transylvania)

Pepe (Squaremeat)

ProToys (Transylvania)

Sam (Italy)

Shamaniacs (Funland)

Sienis (Sweden)

Styx /Dreamtime Enhancer (Earth)

Taruna (Bali)

Torag (Germany)

Thorte (Germany)

Ursa (Sweden)

Reson8 (Transylvania)

The Guardians of Truth

Sandman (Transylvania)

Full Line Up! pls no more...

Chill Ani & Sandal Wood (Solros/Bulgaria)

Bluetech (US)

Ban Jankri (Transylvania)

Chaikovsky (Transylvania)

Daksinamurti (Germany)

Dr. Cosmoose (Sweden)

Djane Gaia (Sweden)

Djane Dirty Daizy (Germany)

Infinitium (Sweden)

Jeremy Starseed (Sweden)

Kaya Project (Uk)

Koan (Russia)

Kiwa (Funland)

Loopus (Italy)

MidiTerranien (Germany)

Mindseye (Sweden)

Oval (Funland)

Procs (Sweden)

Salakavala (Funland)

Sienis (Sweden)

Spiralix (Sweden)

Squaremeat (Finland)

Tamlin (Sweden)

Taruna (Bali)

Talpa (Serbia)

Yindi Garra (Sweden)

Full Line Up! pls no more...


Deco NOS (Sweden)
Triskele > Charma Kadara (Germany) [click here]
Xibalz Deco (Belgium)
Fluo Duo (Belgium)
Alphatrobotics (Australia)
Rah Mama Productions (Germany)
Dreamtime Productions (De/Ro)


Pyrostyxx (Germany) [click here]
Netzhaut (Germany) [click here]


60-75-90 €uro




Beyound the Forest...

Sibiu / Herrmannstadt Transylvan

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