Greece  Trance Alliance presents Koxbox>Saiko-Pod>Total Eclipse and Texas Faggott in Athens!!!

Jul 12, 2003 - Jul 13, 2003, Athens

Date: Jun 26, 2003
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We have prepared for you a special OUTDOOR stage featuring 5000 people capacity,Special Virtual Lights Show,Bright New Decoration,DVD Projectors,Laser Show,Fireworks,Jugglers and Dancers perfomances,50 KW Eastern Acoustic Works crystal clear sound specially arranged for this unique open air event,1000 cars parking space and many surprises that you must not miss under any circumstances.

This Festival is on Saturday the 12th of July and doors open at 23:00 but make sure that you make it early to the place so that you will enjoy all the surprises that we have prepared just for you.

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Open Air

Trance Alliance Presents Outdoor Session Part 2 in the heart of Athens on the 12th of July!!!

Be prepared for the ultimate psychedelic trance experience as Trance Alliance launches an open air festival in Athens featuring the finest artists from all around the world.

KOXBOX Live Perfomance:No need for introductions here.The legendary group from Denmark returns to its favorite city and crowd in order to introduce us to their new work.Franke and Ian Ion will perform live the highest quality and most innovative tunes that your ears and brain can handle,just dont miss it.

SAIKO-POD Live Perfomance:After the great success of their latest album Phutures And Options and after signing up for many releases with Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records,Franke and Ian will navigate us to their alternative progressive side in an unforgetable musical journey.This is the sound of the future.

TOTAL ECLIPSE LOIC DJ SET.Due to great demand Loic Vanpoucke of Total Eclipse will perform a memorable full on dj set during the sunrise time.The master of morning music will blast the dancefloor with the latest tunes around.Get ready to dance people.

TEXAS FAGGOTT PENNTI SLAYER DJ SET:You asked for it so here it is.Pennti Slayer of Texas Faggott,Mandalavandalz and Shiwa 2000 will deliver to your ears the most twisted and insane tunes that you can hardly ever imagine.Trance Alliance is not responsible for any alien kidnaping.

HERCULES ZMA DJ SET.The owner of ZMA Records will spin just for you new material from his label upcoming releases.

JOHNY SIN DJ SET:The founder of Starsound records and Trance Alliance official resident is here with his rare collection of fine tunes to turn your world upside down.


35 Euros



ARK at Idrima Meizonos Elinismou located at Peiraios 254


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