United Kingdom  The Bubble Club - Eat Static/Banco De Gaia/Man With No Name

Dec 11, 2004, Birmingham

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Date: Jan 31, 2005
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DJs: Room One .................. ‘Techno, psy trance and tribal beats’
Banco De Gaia (live) Eat Static (live) Man With No Name (live AND DJ sets) Chris Organic (DJ set) Will Dogon (Stereo Chemistry - DJ set) Dark Angel (Project Ozma/Psycle - DJ set)

Room Two .................. ‘Hard House/Trance/Hard Dance’ Caroline Banx (Nukleuz Records/Mixmag Future Hero and co producer of the recent 'Hardhouse Anthems 5'Album) Simon Eve (owner of the Recharge hard dance label, A+R for Resist Music and writer for DJ Magazine) DJ Fabry (a multi-talented DJ from Italy,a firm favourite on the London underground scene, resident of the massive Antiworld) DJ Datguy (multi talented musician + one to watch out for - resident DJ)

Room Three - 'minimal beats/warm electronica/weird experimentation fused with ambient and chill out grooves' courtesy of The Brum Creative ............... der stromfluß (live) (Droning-On Records) Ochre (live) (Toytronic Records) Ma (live) (Experimental Seafood Records) Pemalas (DJ) Loopz (DJ) Monolab (DJ) Chairmaker (DJ)


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