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Jul 24, 2003 - Jul 27, 2003, Eugene

Date: Jun 24, 2003
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The As1 festival is a multi-day convergence of artists, musicians, dancers and freaks- united as ONE community and intent on being free. This gathering is yours to create- whatever you want it to be. Please participate and get involved- share your art, your love, your voice, your creativity, your existence, and anything else you feel would make the experience more complete for everyone. And of course, we hope to see you dancing more than you've ever danced before!!! Camping areas will be available. You must bring adequate shelter, food, water, and anything else you will need to exist outdoors for a few days. You also agree to follow all event rules, the first of which is that you MUST have a good time, you must act wild and free, and you must leave all the constraints of popular culture behind at the door. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE gathering- Please respect the Earth and pack out what you pack in. AsOne will be powered by bio-diesel energy and lots of love. See you on the dancefloor! BOM!
The festival will take place around a giant hunab-ku shaped spiral- inside will showcase works from visual artists including Alex Grey, Jerod Knapp, Roman Villagara, Xavi, Arun, Noah Dann, John Stren, Mathew Phillips, John Karl Goering, and others!

Open Air

Talamasca, (Spiral Trax, 3D Vision: France) Deeper in Zen, (Soular Records, SF) Psychoid, (Koyote Records, LA) Onnomon, (Soular Records, NY) Ocelot, (Soular Records, SF)Prophei, (Psionic Recordings, LA) Proteus, (SEA) Erth, (EUG) Malaclypse, (Apollos Lute, PDX) Rain, (Phutureprimitive, EUG) Manifest, (Soular Records/Apollos Lute: PDX) Waater, (Environmental Structures, SEA) Fractalien, (ChaosExistence: PDX) Blue Spectral Monkey, (Touch Samadhi, NC) Amanita, (Cell Division, SEA) Soma Blue, (Sentient Electronics: SEA) Jesiah, (Sensorium Project, SEA) KJ, (Hypnopedia, SF) Ryn, (Apollos Lute, PDX) Mushi, Lara, Treez, (Cell Division, SEA) Psyki, (Obscura, SEA) q-logic, Oberon, Michael Manahan, (Starbourne, SEA) Osiris, (Oracle Gatherings, SEA) Muse aka Lazer, (CCC: Eugene) Eddie (Seelie Court, SEA) Advent, (Seelie CT, SEA) Vegan, (Creature Love, SEA) Mazeguider (SEA) Alphawulf (Echelon, SEA) Seventh Sense, Infinity One, Sym, Rafe & Spire, and more!


Synaesthetic Visual Stimulations by DR. PARADISE


www.chaosexistence.net $35 US until 7/1, $40 until 7/20, $45 at gate


503-768-4023, 206-855-0374

Eugene Oregon

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