Germany  Pink Elephants presents SONNENVAKUUM (CH) Live !!

Jan 14, 2005, München / Munich

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Date: Jan 15, 2005
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Live: **************************************************************************
S O N N E N V A K U U M (Spiral Trax / Schweiz)
S O N I C C U B E (Millennium Records / Schweiz)

DJs: DA-LA (Cura Records / Schweden)

DIE SONNE (Z.M.A.Records / Schweiz)

DIABOLO (Psychotronic Artists)

EIGHTBALL (ehem.Infinity Records / Augsburg)

SLIVER (Klangverdichtung)

SONICCUBE means crafty progressive sound from Switzerland...
that utilises big phat basslines, and sweeping sounds to create an album not unlike ATMOS in many ways.

Psychedelic in some places, furthermore it works well with a bit of funk and the aforementioned speaker shaking bass. well worth a look. the artist is tobi wirz, founder of the sog record label who has also written tracks as greed with releases on ministry, vapour, mechanism and 3beat
SONNENVAKUUM with various releases on their own C-P-C label. Two of their Albums "Sternenstaub X02" and "Allbient" as well as the fantastic "Phonotonie" Project on Liquid Audio/Novatekk have gained them great credibility.
So, don´t miss it !!!

Listen to SONICCUBE:
Listen to Da-La:


0049 - (0) 172 - 472 09 88

München / Munich

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