Germany  Broken Symmetry

Jan 3, 2005 20:00:00 - Jan 3, 2005 22:00:00

Date: Dec 30, 2004
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Info about the DJs:

Hour 1: DJ Glen C. (Headstick Music / Joystick Recordings, London UK)

Glen is a veteran DJ in London who has been moving dancefloors for a number of years. For several years, Glen was involved with the psy-trance label Resonoise Records, which was responsible for several wonderful releases from artists such as Shakta, Cosmosis, Igneous Sauria, Yellow Magnetic Star, and many more. Nowadays, Glen is working A&R for Greece-based labels Headstick Recordings & Joystick Music - 2 progressive labels to be on the lookout for in 2005.



Hour 2: DJ Feuerhake (Hamburg, Germany)

Based in Hamburg, Germany, DJ Feuerhake (translation: "Fire Hook") has been rocking dancefloors worldwide for many years. He has become a fixture at most of the major summer festivals in Germany with his energetic style progressive groove, and travels across the globe regularly. As a producer, he has released 2 albums as Feuerhake on the Freeform label, as well as numerous collaborations as a part of the legendary Klangsrahler Projekt. After a nearly 3-year break in the studio, Feuerhake is back to work with a slew of new material to unleash upon the world including releases on AP Records and VP Records.


Hour 1: DJ Glen C. (Headstick Recordings / Joystick Music, London UK)

Hour 2: DJ Feuerhake (Hamburg, Germany)

Broken Symmetry feat. Dr. Krelm + guests

Guests for Jan. 3 - DJ Feuerhake & DJ Glen C. (Headstick, Joystick)

1st & 3rd Monday of the month

2-4pm (EST), 7-9pm (GMT), 20-22:00 (Germany)

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Up soon:

Jan. 17 - Frederik Flanger (Vertikal Rec.)

Feb. 7 - Live from Gieszer 16 feat. Krelm, Mongoose & Phil Alicke



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