Brazil  Total Moon Eclipse Celebration

Oct 27, 2004 - Oct 28, 2004, Alto Paraiso De Goias

Date: Oct 18, 2004
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We invite you All at the last Total Moon Eclipse till 2007!!!It will Be for the enjoyers or real trancers because it is on a wednesday!!!
The eclipse start at 23.23hrs,
mid eclipse at 24.04hrs and ends at 01.54hrs!
So Be early, free entrance till 22.00hrs,after 10Rs sound contribution!!!

Open Air

We present 4 live acts and 6 Direct Jokers(4females!!!)

Line up!!!

21.00-22.30 JB (Fra-progresive)

22.30-24.00 Mara (Solar Flares)

24.00-01.30 Baba D..(Bel-Sitaram Vision)

01.30-02.30 Live Dizzy Mind(Pedro)

O2.30-04.00 Nashiki (Brasilia)

04.00-05.00 Live System Brothers(Alto future)

05.00-06.30 Ekanta (Vagalumi)

06.30-07.30 Live Yage (Ragini-Ashika-Nirad)

07.30-09.00 Fast Lane (Solar Flares)

09.00-10.00 Live Spiritual Enhancer(Brasilia)




Alto Paraiso De Goias

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