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Oct 16, 2004 10:00:00 - Oct 17, 2004 08:00:00

Date: Oct 1, 2004
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"A human being is part of the Whole...
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated
from the rest...a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion
is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to
affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves
from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living
creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve
this completely, but the striving for such achievement is, in itself,
a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security"
Albert Einstein

After a successful summer in the festival fields, the Synergy crew are re-uniting for their first event of the winter season, to be held once again at the SEOne Club in London Bridge. Having laid a solid foundation over the 6 events since its launch in March 2003, Synergy is now looking to delve deeper into one of its core aims - that of harnessing the power of creative media to communicate on issues relating to environmental protection, sustainable development, social justice and ethical living – all set within an empowering and positive framework of celebration and optimism. With this in mind, the October event has been planned to coincide with the European Social Forum (ESF) – a gathering of activists from across the continent meeting to discuss alternatives to the alienation and injustice of consumerist capitalism and the war on terror.

Synergy is therefore delighted that many of the art-activists visiting London for the ESF will be exhibiting and performing at the event, complementing the diverse mix of media to which Synergy regulars have become accustomed.

The ESF is a giant gathering for everyone opposed to war, racism & corporate power, everyone who wants to see global justice, workers' rights and a sustainable society. The ESF emerged from the spectacular success of the World Social Forum which opened in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. Its first two gatherings in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003) attracted over 50,000 participants from across Europe and beyond. It is a chance for people from around the world
to come together to engage in debate, organise action and build networks to strengthen our movement.

The key themes of the Forum are:
* War and peace
* Democracy and fundamental rights
* Social justice and solidarity against privatisation
* Corporate globalisation and global justice
* Against racism, discrimination and the far right
* Environmental crisis and sustainable society

This year’s ESF in London will bring together thousands of people fromacross the UK, Europe and the world and is an unmissable event for everyone who wants to see a better world.
The Synergy Project will offer reduced entry at £8 for all ESF ticket holders! Find out more about this amazing happening @ www.fse-esf.org

By once again rotating the hosting of each of the 5 rooms, Synergy will also be honouring the maxim that every event is different and thereby avoiding the stagnation of the formulaic commercialism of main-stream club-land.

Interspersed throughout the five rooms will be a wide variety of whole-food cafes, info stalls from campaign groups and NGOs, jugglers and street performers, all encompassed by some of the friendliest community vibes in the capital.

Synergy is a community event – organised and hosted by artists, activists, healers and cooks – that seeks to empower people through creative participation. We therefore welcome proposals and contributions from all sections of the community. For more info please co


the synergy project is an amazing project that finally puts some substance to a lot of the spiritual rethoric of the trance culture by combining cutting edge multi media with those working leading NGOs and charities : have a look what we have for you

In the mainroom:

Liquid Connective and Tribe of Frog, two of the UK's most vibrant under-

ground organizations, unite forces in true synergy to create a unique

celebration through dance and trance, visuals and performances plus much

more for an experience of holistic bliss. Combining the best of both worlds

the aim is to activate all our senses for a thorough immersion in the Indigo

light of wisdom.

Chromosome LIVE (turbotrance Sweden)

Tron LIVE UK debut (Liquid Records Mexico)

Organismic LIVE (Liquid Records)

Kana (Japan)

Geo and Natzan (Tribe of Frog)

Liquid Ross and Liquid Djems

with a Back2Front AVset (Liquid Records)

psychedelic decorators:

Tribe of Frog, Liquid Drops and Fopunkt

visual instigators:

Umma, Billy, Elestral, EVP

& Deliberate Animations!

And lots more performers on the night!

Also at the next event: IDSpiral return to their roots and present their own unique recipe for a truly inspiring psychedelic chillout -

a deeply soothing and yet invigorating journey though

the arts - filled with melting grooves, performances

from around the world, visuals to open your chakras,

speakers and films from various campaigns to feed our

minds and souls and loads loads more ...

Abakus - keeping the summer spirit alive

Slack Baba LIVE - funky upbeat tripadelica (Liquid Rec)

Manushi - Kathak Dance Performance for Peace

Visuals & Installations by Frolic

The magical journey of the spiraling shadow performance

Naked Nick - going with the flow

Isago, me - visual exposure, dance performance

Ali - full flavor psychedlic soundscapes

Celestial - audio visual awakening

Capoeira Uniao - Brazilian martial arts performance

Paradox - the intergalactic wordsmith

Animation by Pinknruby

Tantric Visuals by Billy Tantric

All this is set within the renown IDSpiral wonderland,

sculptures, 3D deco and plenty of white canvas to let

your imagination run wild. For a little reminder – IDSpiral were responsible for the deco in the chill out at this year’s Glade festival!

Digital Photo Exhibition ‘my voice my life’ by Marcella

Hadad celebrating the lives of people in Bangladesh,

Mexico and Brazil

And as always the Spiral Cafe will be there to look

after your most basic or culinary requirements

We are also grateful to have the wonderful Small World Stage back with us

This UK’s unique live music outfit joins

the Synergy Project in its ambitious task

to induce the spirit of the great outdoor

festival world to the center of London!

Expect the finest from folk to funk, acoustic bliss to upbeat rhythms, all woven

together delicately by the sensitive Small World crew to create those moments

of pure magic that occur between an audience in awe and the performers in

their deepest elements - to find out who will be creating those highly

anticipated vibes check in here again shortly and we will let you know!

In the Cinematic Gallery

Witness the amazing " how the ***k did they

pull that off on £1,200 and

a banana" show.

Once again the intrepid RGB LIVE PSINEMA crew deftly defy obscurity and

derision to bring you a metamorphic spectacular that sneaks into your

comfort zone and ruffles your feathers. Speech, song, vinyl and video vie

for your attention and the opportunity to holler in your ear of liberty & dissent.

Tickling your fancy and pricking your concience will be:

Whatsername,kitchen sink drama queen

Yap the ranters ranter

1001 Arabian eyes - ‘theatre of war’ from G86B

Sheena Salmon, reactionary anarchist youth worker

Dr Stewart providing a dodgy second opinion

& as ever addled host Precious, slightly damaged.

Plus others to be confirmed as you are reading this!

Further confusing the issue are Bonnie and Clyde of the Earshot cinema,

films and theatre from the European Social Forum and shorts from Under-

currents news net work who will as usual be tangling the party line.

All this plus cute usherettes and a tasty cafe carefully conspire to manipulate

your evenings entertainment ensuring a rich and varied selection of sub-

version for your delectation and delight.

And this time in Deep Blue – for an even deeper chilled experience:

Sangita Sound

Providing a space to enjoy the music of our earth.

Across the continents, our brothers and sisters sing

the song of existence, instruments are plucked and

strummed, drums are beaten and the heartbeat of

humanity resounds. For the past 4 years the Sangita

Sound Studio has been working with indigenous,

classical and folk musicians from India, Iran, Morocco

and Australia to capture some of this magic in sound,

and now the time has come to share our sonic adven-

tures. Our commitment is to create a space and sound

for the exploration and enjoyment of sensual and

spiritual de-lights.


Ancient future grooves for the conscious explorer.






GNAWA - featuring Boujemaa, Aziz & Mustapha-Moroccan trance remix

FARSHAD MOHAMMADI - classical Persian ambience

BINDOO BABAS -sanskrit mantras and bhajans

LUMIERE (Live PA) - morphological spacious grooves

COSMIC JAM - starring YOU so bring your instrument :-)

Visionary Art and Backdrops by DUBGIPSY

Vaastu by Narottam

Yantra Meditation space with the Planetary Healers offering a

wide selection of alternative practises and techniques for a truly

healing and relaxing experience!

More info on the Healing Space to be announced soon!

As always we will collaborate with a large number of NGO’s and charities to enhance our nightly activities with as much meaningfulness as we can handle, brought to us by activists and those who care from a hugely diverse number of organizations.

We will hear about why we need to help the Venezuela government so stand ups strong against the US and other pressures (Hands of Venezuela Campaign), how giving your old bike to ‘Re-cycle’ can make a difference for someone in the developing world and how you can help support healthcare in countries like Burma (www.healthunlimited.org) to name just a few!

All this set in one of London’s most diverse clubs (now with wooden floor in the main room) with festival cafes and loads of stalls and as ever (we trust) one of London’s most diverse and beautiful crowds!

We hope to see you there

The Synergy Crew


tribe of frog
liquid connective
sangita sounds
small world
and loads more


£15/£10 concession


0044-7970-835 274

website: http://www.thesynergyproject.org

SeOne club London

Weston Street

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