Germany  5 hours LIVE : Star Sounds Orchestra

Oct 1, 2004, München / Munich

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Date: Sep 23, 2004
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Live: !!!!!!!! Five hours non stop Live - Set !!!!!!!!

S T A R - S O U N D S - O R C H E S T R A
...presenting their brandnew hot burner album!

DJs: DUSTIN (Tribe of Frog / Ibiza)



DIABOLO (Psychotronic Artists)

STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA (Spirit Zone / Millennium Records / UK)
provides new dimensions in electronic ambient and psychedelic trance.

Keyboards by grand wizzard STEVE SCHROYDER, one of the pioneers of electronic music, who started years + years ago with Tangerines Dream + Ashra Temple along with JENS ZYGAR, master of planetary gongs + drums. Together they are SSO since 1989.

SSO music is a stunning synthesis of hi-end electronic dimensions and cosmic grooves linked up with archaic + acoustic sounds.

All the compositions are following the laws of the cosmic octave, which actually means that the compositions are based on the frequenciesw of the solar system. Many of the tunes are analog reflections of our astronomical environment at a certrain time.

The beats and rhythms of our solar system are the most inspiring nature for human sensitivity and SSO passes this cosmic feeling in their show + music.

SSO is said to be one of the MOST IMPRESSIVE LIVE ACTS these days, as its acoustic planetary tuned sound environment, created by more than 20 huge planetary gongs, together with Steve's fantastic electronic mind but also the fabulous drumming of Jens are worth a good party!

Various recordings, especially the albums PSY FORCE and OOZ on SPRIT ZONE RECORDS, one of the most important psychedelic label, as well as an successful international stage appearance proves STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA to be one of the MOST EXCITING AND MAXIMUM AND ENERGETIC LIVE ACTS ON THE PLANET!

München / Munich

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