Norway  Open Source, 2 day party

Sep 10, 2004 21:00:00 - Sep 11, 2004, Oslo

Date: Aug 19, 2004
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Open Air & Indoor

At the mainstage:

Meteloids, Live, dk.

Procs, Live, swe.

Derango, Live, swe.

Captain Ifan Freakout, dj set, swe.

Meteloids dj set, Jahbo & Insane Behavior, dk.

Psykovsky, dj set, rus.

Kin dza dza, dj set, rus.

In the chillout area:

The Hillbilly Tripper, Live (swe)

Captain Ifan Freakout, dj set (swe)

Skjeggemannen, dj set (Freetransform Records, no)

Carsten, dj set (no)

PK, dj set (, no)

Anders L, dj set (swe)

Daniel, dj set, (swe)


Main stage: Nos (swe)
Chillout: Kennet Pedersen (no)


30 euro


Hausmannsgata 34


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