Germany  Entropy LIVE @ Pink Elephants

Sep 3, 2004, München / Munich

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Date: Aug 19, 2004
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Live: *********************************************************
E N T R O P Y (Doof Records / Israel)
presenting their new album...more full on than ever!

DJs: PAOLO (Anaxadora / Schweiz)

OMER (Kopsses Project / Israel)

PITT (Kopsses Project / Israel)

OMER + PITT are not newcomers, but actually a direct continuity of the Kopsses project, that already released an album 2 years ago, which was considered a delicatessen among the night music lovers.
Since the first Kopsses album, their music has evolved into a darker, more mysterious phase. Their first released track in this new composition was “Empty Handed” on the compilation “JAM”. This track unleashed compressed energies to create chaos on dance floors around the globe (including VOOV and Samothraki Since then they released two additional tracks EST 1 + 2 and received excellent feedback.

ENTROPY take this night passion into unknown, and unexplored nocturnal territories.
The long and extensive dedication that has been put up into this album will not leave you indifferent.
It has been made for those who are not afraid of the mysterious sounds, those who will not run and hide behind a tree. This notion of Entropy cannot measure enough energy being spread out of their music.
It’s deep, dark, enchanting and magical. Avant garde music with extremely unpredictable sounds and yet flowing, mind and body controlling.
Listen to Entropy:

München / Munich

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