Romania  Transylvania Calling 2005 /Gathering the Tribes of Resonance

Jul 21, 2005, Transylvania Somewehre In...

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Date: Dec 23, 2004
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Live: Atma + R-Tur (Transylvania/RO)
Big Wigs (Poland)
Eat Static (UK)
Fragrant Vagrant (Sweden)
Haltya (Finland)
Highpersonic Whomen (Finland)
Hux Flux (Sweden)
Jahbo (Denmark)
Kiwa (Funland)
Kino Oko (Poland)
Krumelur (Sweden)
Loopus in Fabula (Italy)
Midi Terranien (Germany)
Mokk (Croatia)
Naked Tourist (Germany)
Procs (Sweden)
Praecox (Poland)
Parrket (Croatia)
Para Halu (Hungary)
Squaremeat (Funland)
Sienis (Sweden)
Salakavala (Funland)
Shuma (Croatia)
Spiralix (Sweden)
Subconcious Mind (Switzerland)
Talpa (Serbia)
Tamlin (Sweden)
Taruna (Bali)
Torakka (Funland)
Trold (Norway)
Whiched Hayo (Belgium)

you are a musician and your Nation is not listed here?
then pls get in touch!!!
and if you are :) then i wouldnt mind an email either :)
cause we slowly need to update the artistspool contact infos as of many i only have the email adress..
and if you wanna do it proper you should get involved with PLAXO its a very handsome tool to keep contacts updated..

DJs: Akira Indika (Germany)
Avatar (Sweden)
Chaos (Germany)
Dreamtime Enhancer (Earth)
James Monro (UK)
Loopus (Italy)
Macke Matic (KIWA)
Penta Pan (Transylvania)
Pepe (Squaremeat)
ProToys (Transylvania)
Styx (Germany>Transylvania)
Shamaniacs (Funland)
Sam (Italy)
Torag (Germany)
Thorte (Germany)
Ursa (Sweden)
Reson8 (dmt)
The Guardians of Truth
Sandman (germany/Transylvania)



Transylvania Somewehre In...

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