Ireland  Moonemotions brigs forth NEUTRONYX

Jun 11, 2004, Dublin

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Date: Jun 4, 2004
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DJs: - "KRISTIAN" -full on No. 1 psytrance DJ in UK -the man at the cutting edge of the psytrance scene playing all over the world and promoting the famous Chichime events (
- "Dj Druid+ Phrazer" -bellfast- Expect a back to back set of stomping funky progressive beats and soaring, ass wiggling trance grooves.
- "Doctor Fer" -moonemotions, Neutronix- Dublin With almost two years on the Ireland Psychedelictrance scene (one of the founders of MoonEmotions), his thumping beats and driving samples has provided PsyTrance parties across Ireland with a reason to dance. And how!.


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