Greece  Camoflash presents a 12 hours non stop music party!

May 8, 2004 23:00:00 - May 9, 2004 23:00:00, Thessaloniki

Date: May 9, 2004
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-Activity at 23:00 until 11:00 -Deco by Mike & Philip -VJ VOTANOS -20kw sound system 'Turbosound' -Laser and light shows! -More info:


Live act:CHARASMATIX(GER CandyFlip rec) - VAISHIYAS(GER Jum jam rec) / Dj set:ZOSMA (GER Jum jam rec) - DOC(GR CandyFlip rec) - STRATOS(GR CandyFlip rec) - PETER ZEN(GR Super Nova/Super fm) - KREON (GR CamoFlash)


Mike & Philip

* We are very sorry about the party! At 00:00 o'clock the procurator with the police and dog came inside the club and they were looking for drugs. Firstly they stopped the music and they were searching all the club. After that, they went out and they frisked all the people as they entered in the club for 3 hours. After this situation the owner of the club said that is better to stop the party because it had no meaning to stay there. We are really sorry about all these things and we don't know who made this charge against camoflash and discobala club! And why?

... We love you and we try to do our best for your fun and your pleasure!

~ Drugs kill! Keep music clean.. Be friend with nature! ~




Discobala ex Alysida

Papanastasiou 104


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