Brazil  Universo Paralelo

Dec 29, 2003 - Jan 4, 2004, Pratigi

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Date: Nov 6, 2003
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São Paulo (11):Ultra: Gal.Ouro Fino - 3088 0915
Thelles Trance Bus: Gal.Ouro Fino - 3088 4780 / 9527 1190

DF (61):Psytenda: CLN, 109 bl.A lj.S3 Subsolo - 273 0652 / 9908 0383
Pégasus Tatoo: Ed.Venancio IV, sl.521 Conic - 323 7171
Tribalize: Pier 21 lj.B05 - 225 4460
Vagalume Rec: SCLRN, 713 bl.C lj.18 - 349 6444

Arraial Dajuda (73):
Girassol: Mucugê, 2481 lj.01 Bar Girassol - 575 1120 / 9991 8116

Goiânia (62):Psicodelic: Av.T2,2085 quadra 69 lote 18 Setor Bueno - 285 1094Pulse: R.09 Pç.do Sol - 215 6133

Belo Horizonte (31):Freak Psy Wear: R.Pernambuco,1000 lj.10 Savassi - 3261 8833

Rio de Janeiro (21):Newronio: Rezende,28A Lapa - 9774 3012 / 9698 0031

Ribeirão Preto (16):Woob Gong: Av.Presid. Kennedy,1500 Arcos lj.177/179 - 629 0336

Salvador (71):Caverna do Dragão Body Piercing - 344 1341 End: Aeroclube Plaza – Praia de Armação


Brasília (61):Excursão Trancendental – 916-7553 (Tina) ou 273-0652 (Quick)

São Paulo (11): Thelles Trance Bus - 3088-4780 / 9527-1190 – Galeria Ouro Fino

Rio de Janeiro (21):Newronio - 9774-3012 / 9698-0031 End: Rua do Rezende nº 28A-Lapa -

Excursão Spacedelic – 9311-2321/ 9923-7049 - /

Niteroi (21): Conexão Psy - 2703-7584 / 9938-1300

Belo Horizonte (31): Fernanda - 9162-1129

Traslado Salvador – Festa:Daniel OlavoTel: (71) 9928-2338 (71) 9117-6094 (71) 240-7315

Open Air


Aerophobia (NL)

Burn in Noise (Vagalume Rec - BR)

Gemini Soul (Vagalume Rec - BR)

Hydrophonic (Nano Rec - SA)

Mukunga Umbura (Wajanga / Vagalume - BR)Protoculture (Nano Rec - SA)

D-Nox (Plusquam - DE)The First Stone (Vagalume Rec - BR)


Antaro (Spirit Zone - DE)Cezinha (Higher Spirit - BR)

Chesh (Nano Rec – SA)Ciano (BR)

Daniel (Uphonic Rec - NL)Dimitri Nakov (GBU- UK)Dio (Boom Festival - PT)D-Nox (Tsatsu Rec – DE)Ekanta (Vagalume - BR)Fast Lane (Shakti - BR)Fridler on the Roof (3djab - AU)

Garu (BR)

James Monro (Flying Rhino – UK)

JP (Tip World - BR)

Kore (Zonik Nektar - México)

Mack (Zig Zag/Etnica Net - BR)

Matthias (Comophilia - DE)

Nate (Nano Rec – SA)Paulo Lopes (PT)

Rafael Dahan (Solaris - BR)

Regan (Nano Rec – SA)Riches (Aerophobia - NL)Satyr (Namaste – NL)Swarup (Vagalume/Spirit Zone - BR)

Tati (Vagalume - BR)Thomaz (Daime Tribe - BR)

V.O.R. (Nerobiotic - BR)Yasser (Vagalume/Spun Records - BR)


Allan (Chillaca) SP

Angelo, Feio, GB, Shenko (Psychedelic Fullmoon) GO

Antaro (Spirit Zone) DEBattan (Sunrise) DF

Cami (Universo Paralello) DF

Cels - BH

Chesh (Nano Records) SA

Danyel (Neurobiotic) NL

Ekanta (Vagalume Records) GO

Felipe - DF

Fred (Soma) BH

Gil Mahadeva (Batida Sossegada) SP

Hatha - DF

Jack - RP

Joost - NL

Livinha - SP

Ló (Soma) BH

Lotus (Cosmic) SP

Marcello VOR (Neurobiotic) SP

Marianna (Chai & Chill) SP

Mel - BH

Nathy (Psycholand) DF

Pier - NL

Rafa - CTBA

Regan (Nano Records) SA

Riches (Aerophobia) NL

Smurf - SP

Swarup (Vagalume Records/Spirit Zone) DF

Taty (Shakti) SP

deco: little fisherman’s village in the middle of nowhere, you get of the asphalt on to a little dirt road, then after a few kilometers you get to a native coconut farm, right at the sea onto a pristine deserted beach… The sea is wild, but good for swimming, there are some natural swimming pools a bit to the south. The beach is lined with coconut and banana trees and dense forest laced with little streams. In the hart of this tropical paradise people from all four corners of the world will unite to celebrate the New Year. The preparations have started already to make it possible for this big tribe to unite for eight days of peace, love, union, respect and much art.This year the event will happen on a private farm on the marvelous coast (Costa do Dendê) of Bahia state, after three editions in the savanna planes in the heart of the country, the “Chapada dos Veadeiros”. The farm is situated between the island of Boipeba and the peninsula of Barra Grande on the beach of Pratigi. Counting 1 kilometer of beach and a huge grassy garden of coconut trees, being part of 40 kilometers of deserted beaches in the pratigi area, this farm is the perfect place for this event. It will house the participants for 7 days, and provide all the basic infrastructure necessary for your comfort and privacy. Universo Paralello invites, in the nomadic spirit that it inspires, for all to come and gather with some of the finest artists – Musicians, DJs, Decorators, VJs, Performers and Artisans – to share this experience on a lush beach, in the sunny Bahian summer.A little training in environmental consciousness is a pre-requisite to earn your passport to enter the magical world of Universo Paralello. A natural treasure like this demands of all participants a continuous respect and care for the local nature. We count with your understanding.Stay tuned for the updates on this site. New information will be put all the time.


PRICES IN BRAZILIAN REAIS: Up to 15 November – R$130/16 de Novembro a 20 de December – R$160/


++55(61) 349-6444

near Salvador

Pratigi Bahia

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