Brazil  Ayahuasca Healing Retreat - Amazon ceremonies

Jan 11, 2004 - Jan 20, 2004, Amazon forest

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Date: Nov 21, 2003
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Three experiential seminars with ayahuasca & salvia divinorum in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon forest, Manaus and/or by the ocean, North East cost of Bahia, Brazil.

-July 20 to 29, 2003.- Amazon ceremonies

-September 27 to October 6, 2003 - Ceremonies by the ocean

-January 11 to 20, 2004 - Amazon ceremonies

There will be ayahuasca and salvia divinorum ceremonies, lectures by top speakers in the field of consciousness including shaman Pablo Amaringo and cyber-shaman Zoe Seven, discussions on brainwave technology, psychedelics, entheogenic law and lucid dreaming. Transpersonal exercises like regressions, art work expression, group sharing, plus the shamanic use of aromatherapy, original shamanic music and channelling. Jungle excursions and scuba diving certification course (optional). Please visit our website for details or email us.

Open Air & Indoor

Amazon forest

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