Albania  Crossing Bridges Festival

Aug 26, 2002 - Sep 1, 2002, Rugova Mountains

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Date: Aug 5, 2002
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The Crossing Bridges Festival is a newly forming tradition in Kosova, a multi-cultural event held in the Peja region at the end of each summer which brings together people from different countries, cultural Backgrounds, and artistic styles to meet, perform, and inspire a grassroots and artistic movement of human unity. The Festival is organized by the Crossing Bridges Collective , a group consisting of artists, bands, social activists, NGO’s, youth groups, and associations and city-departments.

Crossing Bridges Festival 2001

In August, 2001, the pilot project of the Crossing Bridges Collective was launched, an 18 hour music and theater festival, held in the Karagac Park of Peja, which combined traditional and modern performances from 9 different countries. Visiting performers from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, France, Macedonia, Israel, Croatia joined their talents with several Kosovar acts to present a diverse program, including folk, dance, rock and roll, puppet theater, electronic music, jazz, modern drama, and much more. Over 2000 people, young and old attended the event, which was broadcast by 4 Kosovar television stations, and was termed by follow-up TV specials on RTK as one of the most important cultural events in Kosova during the year 2001. For complete details of the 2001 Crossing Bridges Festival and tour, please visit on the internet website of the Frankfurt based Playground Collective.

Network and Collectiv!
Our aim for the 2002 program is to feature a wider range of Balkan artists, and to continue expanding our regional network in the Crossing Bridges Collective. We are finding that several collaborations are beginning to take place between various artists and groups that meet through the festival and the Collective, such as new combined musical projects, artist exchanges, and student workshops, especially beginning to occur between Kosova and Macedonia. Also Crossing Bridges members and artists from different X-Yugoslavian countries are going to participate in the Xpo 2002 Festival in Bulgaria from 5. th to11th August. This Gathering will be a great possibility to meet and get in contact with each other to tune in for the festival happening in Kosov@.

Crossing Bridges Festival 2002

The Crossing Bridges Festival 2002 will happen from 26th August to 1st Sept. The concept of the 2002 activities involves a one week program of street performances, films, theater, artistic workshops, and a music recording project with the participating musicians. These events will be based in different locations in the city of Peja, and will involve artists, both traditional and modern, from Kosova, the Balkans and some countries from around/outside of Europe . There will be a live-recording studio for jamming and producing various styles of fusion-music and several film-,theatre and perfomance projects/shows. These smaller events in the city will be followed by a weekend long music and performing arts festival at the Crossing Bridges Human Rights Summer Camp in the wild Rugova Mountains between Kosov@ Albania and Montenegro. This Open Air event will include two days of performances on two stages: one stage for various live performances and bands and one dance floor for DJs and electronic live-acts playing Psy Trance, House, Techno and Ambient. The festival will also provide space for camping, information tables, and vending of food and albanian/mazedonian handi-craft.

Open Air

between Kosov@ Albania and Montenegro

Rugova Mountains

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