United Kingdom  Chichime Vs Psygate

Jun 7, 2003 - Jun 8, 2003, London

Date: May 30, 2003
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The night with Chichime and Psygate has been a great success and everyone had a great time and the night itself was charged with such a positive energy and the vibes that the psytrancelovers brought to The Fridge which is not really a 100%underground club but still managed to keep everyone smiling and brought up the memories of extreme Fridge raving years ago…And GMS…Well what can I say there were their usual kings of the dance floor with their sharp sounds and amazing mixes not mentioning their infectious tracks….

As the party was a bit over ground orientated. The Psygate and the Chichime crew is now thinking of holding their future event in a full on underground venue where psytrance can be truly and fully expressed.

And finally the very good news are is that the next party will take place on the 7th of June at the east cross Centre with Astrix the live act from Israel playing live on stage plus much much more fun and of course the finest psychedelic sounds and performances. We promise you to expect something different and discover the venue, as you have never seen it before...

Astrix Bio & Info:

Astrix is Avi Shmailov (born 1981) from Israel. He started making trance music as a teenager and collaborated mainly with Eyal Barkan. He then changed direction and was newly discovered when he collaborated with Alien Project on his debut album - "Midnight Sun", released in 2001. Since then he released quite a few tracks with Alien Project, Atomic Pulse, Xerox, Domestic, Nomad and on his own.

He produced some major hits and remixes that swept the trance skies like a comet. Astrix's tracks were released on labels such as T.I.P world (UK), Phantasm (UK), Millennium (UK) Sound Sorcery (Mexico), Universal (Mexico), EMI (Japan), Solstice (Japan), New Funk (Japan), TBA (Switzerland), Iboga (Denmark), Cyber (Holland), HOMmega (Israel), BNE (Israel), Phonokol (Israel) and more... Astrix has already played and performed live worldwide. His debut album – "Eye to Eye" was released in Noveber 2002 on HOMmega Productions.

*Avi also took part in the Private Taste project with Lior Miller, Ido Ophir (Domestic) & Kobi Avraham. Their track - "First", was released on vinyl with a redub by Ashrtrax and other remixes by Max Graham and Ashtrax ambient score, both on Automatic records (UK). It was released on Paul Van Dyk - Politics of Dancing, Danny Howells - Nocturnal Frequencies 3, Gatecrasher – Digital, ISRAliens 3 - Conflict, Yahel - Mixing in Action, Trancelucent 4 and other mainstream clubby compilations.


Sound - Audio Energy

Lighting - Arc I

Lasers Chai Cafe Fluoro Market Massage

@ EQ Arena, East Cross Centre, Waterden Rd, off Carpenters Rd, Hackney Wick, London E15

Hackney Wick British Rail, Stratford Tube, Bus 26, 30, 236, 276, N26, N236


Advance Tickets £10 + booking fee from

www.therecordbox.co.uk 0207 7332280

www.accessallareas.org 0207 2678320

Psy Dream Temple - Unit 22, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden 0207 2678528

Access All Areas - 117 Kentish Town Road, Camden NW1 0207 2678320

Silverback Records - 40 Bloomsbury Way WC1 0207 4049456

Cyberdog - 9 Earlham Street, Covent Garden WC2 0207 8367855

Cyberdog - Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden 0207 4822842

Dif:juz(e)n - 195 Portobello Road W11 07973 906972

Infoline: 07944 933762 0208 3658918 (phone & fax)

Email: info@chichime.co.uk info@psygate.co.uk

Website: www.chichime.co.uk www.psygate.co.uk

guest list : anastasia@psygate.co.uk 07775 882136

More Info:


Antiworld Present:
Faerieland = A Midsummer Night's Dream
Saturday 21 June 2003

Friday 11 July 2003

Teknoworld Volume 002
"Urban Music At Its Finest"
Saturday 09 august 2003

More Info:

See you in the Dancefloors
the Crew////


Astrix (Hommega / Tip.World) live - Israel

Marchello (Etnicanet / Fairy Tales)

Kristian (Transient) vs Fortu (Chichime)

Fabry vs Enry (Psygate) Prog psy set

Kalimamboh (Ichnosis / Italy)

Room 2 (Eclectic)

Greg "Lunar" Coyle (Transient / Automatic)

Phil Chichime

Deep Psy (Chichime)

Ben Scammin' (Silverback Records)

Nigel Photon (Chichime)



website: http://www.antiworld.net

EQ Warehouse


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