Germany  ***Sounds & Bytes*** free urban festival, 2nd day

Jul 12, 2003, Essen

Date: May 27, 2003
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One of the highlights of last years Sounds & Bytes-Festival was SBKs gig, who, together with Millennium- Records Alex, rocked the stage in front of the former EUROPA-Cinema till late night.

Prototyp is the name of the actual project of Massimo Sanucci and Linus Wessel. Massimos first solo-album "Al Denteā€ has been released on Liquid Audio.
Linus is known by his work for Digital Sun, Tarsis, Sphere etc.
New Spacefish album will be presented live and will be released on on Spirit Zone-Label Plusquam this summer.

Oliver Klein is a worldwide trademark for Djs, producers and public.
Sven Palzer joined with Juergen Driessen and Oliver Klein to found the internationl successful label Mutekki .

Open Air

1.30 pm

Exe-Cute (Hypnotic Arts)

3.30 pm

SBK (Avalanche/Slope/Spirit-Zone)

Alex Ligowski (Avalanche/Millennium Rec.) /

6.30 pm

*Live* Prototyp / Spacefish (Insolation / Plusquam Rec.)

7 pm - 10 pm

Oliver Klein (elec-tribe)

Sven Palzer (Mutekki Rec.) /




0172 - 38 77 107


Essen Viehofer Strasse

Essen NRW

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