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May 17, 2003 - May 18, 2003, Mutters / Innsbruck Land

Date: May 6, 2003
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Since 3 years Digital Talk from Paris were involved in the Droidsect's band who stopped in july 2001 releasing on labels such as 3D Vision, Parvati and Nephilim.
Once Droidsect separated another studio was built and a new freaky project was born: Digital Talk.
DT is making an effort to stay in the original spirit of pure psychedelic by creating holographic sounds on strong rhythms especially made for a spiritual and energic dance floor. Soon a new track will appear on the forthcoming compilation of Goa Gil on Avatar rec. from Israel.
Biomechanical mental music for experienced heads!



Bonzo (Wirikuta Recordings) A

Krisae (Headroom Rec.) D

Natan (Parvati Rec.) I

Shodan (MWS) A

Vorticon (MWS) A

live PA:

Digital Talk

(Parvati Rec. /Apoxina Rec.) F


Tribal Vision (A)chai by Moonstone Tribe




Gewerbepark Mutters / highway - exit Innsbruck Süd

Mutters / Innsbruck Land

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