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Date: May 5, 2003
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We want to ask you if you people would like it if we come and
visit your party/festival with our Maradisa massage-tent. We give relaxing and vitalising massages, play tarot-cards and sell (cheap) Indian chai, lassie, healthy food and if possible energizing cocktails. We are not a commercialised stand, just some friends who like music, want to have fun and make a little money by offering our massages, food and drinks. We have a real funny, orange-brown old-fasioned caravan, where we can do short massages, about 15 minutes just to relaxe a bit, but we can also do full body massages, like Thai massage and deep tissue massage. We would really love to visit your festival or party, if you like to have some good masseuses around, please send us a mail!
Love, Adinda & Marley (Maradisa, Amsterdam)

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