United States  Gaian Mind Summer Festival 2003

Jun 26, 2003 - Jun 29, 2003, Artemas

Date: Apr 23, 2003
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Return to Sanctuary! Join us as the Tribes reunite for four days and three
nights of Transcendental Dance in the fresh, Open Air. Dance all night
under the auspiciousness of the New Moon, guide by an international line-up
of live acts and DJ's, then relax all day in the cool and refreshing waters
of the Hemlock Hole. Welcome back -- the Standing Stone Circle awaits your

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, plus New Moon Services by FOUR QUARTERS
Blacklight Ritual Dance Theatre by ARCHEDREAM (www.ArcheDream.com,
Performance Art by THE GREAT QUENTINI (Philadelphia)

Admission Includes:
Optional Meal Plan provided by STARVIN' ARTIST CAFE*
FREE All-You-Can-Eat "Fractal Feast" (carnivore/vegetarian)
24-Hour Coffee/Tea Service by COFFEE DRAGONS
Chai and Children's Area by ISHTARBUCK'S CHAI
Merchant Area - Clothing, Jewelery, Crafts, Tattooing, Piercing, Body
Painting, etc...
Healing and Massage Area
Morning and Evening Yoga Sessions
Daily Sweat Lodges
Nightly Drum Circles
Riverside Swimming
Spacious Campgrounds
Fire Rings with Unlimited Firewood*
Hot Showers and Clean Toilets
FREE Drinking Water
FREE and Secure Main Parking
*Additional charges apply.

Open Air

Standing Stone Circle Stage - Progressive/Psy-Trance:

HUX FLUX (Spiral Trax, Sweden) Live [Exclusive Appearance]

MAGNETRIXX (Tatsu, Germany) Live [USA Debut]

OLIVER (Iboga/Tatsu, Denmark) [ex-REEFER DECREE/ORYX]

ALLEN (Gaian Mind/Metropolis, Philadelphia)

GAVIN (Spectra, NYC)

KRI (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Asheville)

JAMIN (Spectra, Nantucket/NYC)

SH.K.I.D. (Omni Tribe, NYC)

ONNOMON (Soular Records, Philadelphia) Live

STEVE-O (GoaBabies, Boston)

RITTER GLUCK (Inosculation, San Francisco)

North Crook Stage - Downtempo/Ambient:

CHUCK VAN ZYL (Star's End/WXPN, Philadelphia)

MIKRONESIA (Philadelphia) Live

BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Asheville)

BUFFER (M-Laboratories, Baltimore)

DR. M (M-Laboratories, Philadelphia)

FUSE (M-Laboratories, Philadelphia)

KEEN (Diner's Club, Philadelphia)

RESONATOR (Gaian Mind, Philadelphia)

E.I.M. (Gaian Mind, Philadelphia)

BOTTOM DWELLERS (4QF, Baltimore) Live


Sound Installation by TURTLE SOUND (NYC)UV Decor and Installations by JAMIN MURPHY, GAIAN MIND, M-LABORATORIES, andSpecial Guest TBAVisual Projections by VISION OV GAIA (NYC)


online at www.4QF.org



website: http://www.gaian-mind.com/gmsf2k3flyer.htm

Four Quarters

Artemas PA

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