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Apr 20, 2003 - Apr 21, 2003, Sydney

Date: Apr 11, 2003
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Yak&Yeti are proud to present the most acclaimed legends of trance today …100% live in Sydney for the launch party of their new album -'Converting Vegetarians'


We are proud to present to you a ground breaking and world class act; Infected Mushroom. Comprised of the classically trained Israeli duo Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen, these extraordinary talented musicians have successively redefined psychedelic trance with their last 3 albums on BNE records 'Classical Mushroom' 'The Gathering' and 'BP Empire'. We are very excited to announce they will be showcasing and performing live their 4th album 'Converting Vegetarians' in an exclusive Sydney performance that will encompass their genre shattering new work and will also revisit the mind expanding and much loved classics. The Infected Mushroom sound is an inspirational and impeccably produced mix of acidic psychedelic trance that embodies classical influences through to electric guitar riffs and soaring melodies. Infected Mushroom defined live psychedelic trance in their last Sydney performance, this time they will take that definition to a new level of perfection. This performance should not be missed.


Hailing from the trance haven of Byron Bay; Franny, whose skills as a DJ have rocked minds and bodies around the globe, also runs the respected and internationally recognised 'Deamon Tea Records' and the dance-floor annihilating 'Sundance Records' through which he constantly receives music from all over the world. Franny is frequently travelled and has spread his magic around the globe, performing regularly at events such as as the Rainbow Serpent Festival, Dreamweavers (NZ) and the 'Koenisto Festival' in Finland, to an audience of over 15,000. Franny's recent mind-blowing set at Summer Sessions in Sydney has cemented his reputation as a master of twisted psychedelic mayhem. Due to the special nature of the live performers on the night, you can rest assured Franny will spare no one his special brand of psychedelic energy and is set to deliver a performance that will be remembered by all.

SUPPORTING LOCAL DJS: RAPTOR (YakandYeti), MING D (YakandYeti), TRACT VS ADAM T (, F.E.M.A (Hellrazor, Vortex) plus MORE TBA

Start time : 9.30 pm

Yak N Yeti has gone to extra effort to ensure a pleasing visual experience for this event, featuring décor by Pan-O-Vision and individual psychedelic art by SparksArt we plan to transform the venue.

Sound:- We are equipping Gas with additional EV subs to ensure a thundering bass experience, coupled with the existing GAS audio rig we will deliver you a clean audio experience.

Lighting and Visuals: - Get ready for a psychedelic playground awash with a coloured laser system that will draw amazing animations and 3D Spatial effects with brilliant colour. With video enhancement by MIND OVER MEDIA projecting stunning visual psychedelia, mixed live and displayed around the venue. Add GAS Nightclub’s already impressive array of lighting effects and animated lighting rigs and you have a visual feast to match the superb musical offerings.

Starts 9.30 pm – Arrive early and leave late

The Roxbury in Glebe kicks on with a afterparty when the party stops starting from 7 am. More info will be available on the night or check the website. Admittance to the afterparty will be for wristband holders only.

For Updates, Interviews, Streams of live Infected Mushroom sets, Artist Bio’s and Afterparty Info –



Franny (Demon Tea/Sundance Records)

Raptor (Yak & Yeti)

Ming (Yak & Yeti)

Tract vs aDaMT (

F.E.M.A (Hellrazor, Vortex)


Psychotropic decor will be implemented by Pan-O-Vision as well as some new stunning never-before-seen backdrop art supplied by 'SparksArt' - one of Sydney's finest psychedelic artists.


$49 + B.F - Early purchase is advised to avoid disappointment as ticket numbers are limited to ensure your comfort. Tickets in most stores on sale as of Tuesday, 25th of March.


Gas Nightclub - 477 Pitt St, Sydney

Sydney NSW

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