United Kingdom  Solar Stage Creation Party

Apr 26, 2003 - Apr 27, 2003, London

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Date: Apr 4, 2003
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Imagine being at one of the sunny summer outdoor parties that we all love…
The clean air atmosphere resonating with the sonic continuum that powers our dancing.

Imagine there is no chugging, polluting generator hidden behind the scenes, because now we have beautiful shining arrays of solar panels lifting high either side of the main stage.
The sun sparkles on their millions of blue crystals, reflecting brilliant shards of light over the dancing people.

When our party is propelled by the Sun, we won't need anyone warring for oil.

Everyone can see our scene has made a conscious elevation from idyllic fantasy to progressive reality.

Everyone realises they are listening to sunshine…

Imagine knowing that you made it possible to turn light into power, and became a Co-Creator of our 'Photon Generator' simply by enjoying a groundbreaking night with all your friends…

The Creation Party has one goal:
To raise funds for the construction of a charity owned Mobile Solar Power Generator for our events.
By channelling all proceeds from you into it's development.



* EAT STATIC LIVE * (Solstice)

* SYSTEM 7 LIVE * (a-wave)


(twisted) exclusive album preview

Junya (Tip world / phantasm)

Astral Mike (Hommega / Astral Phoenix)

Tom Fump & Liquid Ross - back2back (Liquid Connective / Altered States)

Luscious Lighting: Arc-I -

Live Enchanting Visuals: Inside-Us-All + Precious


Decor + Environment: Liquid L-S-D, Skymermaid + Altered States

Dreamscapes: idspiral -

Sorted Sound: Greg Prism


IDSpiral invite you to a sunny side up, deeply melted and yet refreshing mix

of uniqueness and style, serving a full course for all senses, stimulating

beyond the ear and the eye.

Take a deep breath to capture the full spectrum from performers to poets,

from dancers to djs, from short films to visuals, from live musicians to holistic healers.


Sun Honey Temple LIVE (cauldron recs)

Indiginus LIVE (deviant didg)

Liquid Elf & Entropy - back2back (liquid conn.)

Gandolfi & Luna Lis - back2back (liquid conn.)

Ju (hunkidori / rtts)

Deco: - Liquid L-S-D, Liquid Drops, Sky Mermaid, Mr Rossi + Hunkidori


Temple of Sound LIVE PERCUSSION - Neil Sparkes (ex-transglobal underground)

ISHQ LIVE (interchill recs)

sounds from the ground - dj set

Nick Interchill (interchill recs)

Natasha (Foxglove)

Sound: Photon generator - Deco: Natural Order - furmishings: Psy DMT

5 inspiringly featured rooms joined by an adventurous labyrinth of walkways

& a massive balcony space.

Puma Punka healing room with massage & all sorts of offerings to rebalance the self. Atmosphere resonating, spirit grasping 50k sound. 2,500 capacity.

An epic setting to elevate our scene's power source into the 3rd millenium.


Price :15 + bf, more on the door. tickets: online @ www.accessallareas.org - card bookings and mail order:


hotline: 07979 361747

website: http://www.photongenerator.co.uk

Stratford Rex, E15


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