United Kingdom  Planet Zogg meets Technosis

Oct 18, 2002 - Oct 19, 2002, Sheffield

Date: Sep 25, 2002
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Hampshires Technosis comes to visit Planet Zogg for soem full on Hyperdelic mayhem!!


Hyperdelic Trance Techno

Justin Swales (Technosis)

Cookie (Technosis)

Lam (Probe)

Dill & Greg Zogg (Planet Zogg)

Funky & Prog Grooves

Jason Swales (Technosis)

Carl Saunder (Technosis)

Col Garnet (Probe)

Johnny M (Chorley FM)

Mugwat (Into the Blue)


Cosmic visuals by Asura, Jedi & KaBoom!


£7 b4 11/£9 after


+44(0)114 233 8239

website: http://www.dionysus-ss.co.uk

Arches, Walker St

Sheffield S Yorks

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