Mexico  Party

Sep 14, 2002 - Sep 15, 2002, near Cholula

Date: Sep 12, 2002
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$30 USD aprox ($300 pesos Mexican Currency)
Great organizer, last year party kicked ass. Location beautiful right next to Valsequillo´s lake (and a crazy view of the area volcanos: Popocatepetl and Iztalzihuatl)

Open Air

Psy Stage

Live Acts

Talamasca (3D Vision) – Francia

Logic Bomb (TIP World) – Suecia

Psysex (HOM Mega) – Israel

Cosma (BNE Yoyo) – Israel

Astrix (HOM Mega) – Israel

Dj Sets

Dimitri Nakov (Sound Sorcery) – UK

Lestat (3D Vision) – Francia

Goblin (HOM Mega) – Israel

Arturo (Sound Sorcery) – MX

Panda (Psyclon) – MX

Dende (Psyclon) – MX

Fusion Stage

Jay Ell (Moebius, Rotation) – USA

Ramiro Puente (Arteria, Love Parade) – MX

Linga (Parador Análogo) – MX

Unknown (Parador Análogo) – MX

Travis Lea (Burn) – USA

Chilly Willy (Burn) – MX

Maze (Ebola) – MX

Jackson (Ebola) – MX

Rally (Hot Cakes) – MX

Nexus (SDigital) – MX

Valsequillo, Puebla, México

near Cholula

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