Belgium  Zazou, Visjnoe's World

Jun 15, 2002 - Jun 16, 2002, 2500 Lier

Date: Jun 13, 2002
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Greetings psychedelic friends,

This is the last GOADELIA meeting before the summer.

Visjnoe is a primary God in Hindu-faith that comes in many (mostly 9) different incarnations.
Here we celebrate the Sun and Dance with a hope and prayers for a sunny , beautiful and happy summer for all of you.

So let's unite and dance the night away among the rest of the Goa-tribe, and celebrate the Sun and Dance and enter Visjnoe's World.

Open Air

- H.Allucinog (Goadelia,Micro psy'c rec.)

- Anoebis (Plur)

- Psy_604 (Goa tribe)

- Goaholix (Aquarius) (t.b.c.)


Special 'Red Devil' fluo deko (weird!)Body paint by 'Lard Art'



Mechelsesteenweg 26

2500 Lier

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