Mexico  Chaishop Anniversary Tour - 5 Years Chaishop

May 25, 2002 - May 26, 2002, xochimilco (close to Mexico City)

Date: May 23, 2002
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Area: Events

Donativo: antes del evento a la dirección $150; el día del evento $200
Todos los servicios; NO DROGAS

Area 2 by: E L L (estilo libre local)
Dj Itzone a.k.a switcha (hot cakes)
Dj Jerga a.k.a soul system (sound sorcery)
Breaks, dub and triped out experimental freestyle electronica.

Open Air


haldolium (free form, germany)

wrecked machines (etnicanet Brasil)

DJ´s (chaishop, germany)

vazik (spiritzone, chaishop mexico)

geza (spiritzone, chaishop usa)

shove ( lucky, mexico)

flix (sounds of earth, mexico)


ayahuascakan manikkokuyo



isla moyoquin, embarcadero cuemanco

xochimilco (close to Mexico City)

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