Lithuania  Ragana Festival 2002

Jun 21, 2002 - Jun 24, 2002

Date: Apr 25, 2002
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future in a unbelivable nature Place with celtic village, lotus scene, big
river neris, international DJ`s =

Live Act`s, Meditations, Workshops, big Fire Performance and many more
Workshops, Rituals ,Meditation =

Feuertanz ,with Fireritual (Lithuania Ragana) LT
Iniciation ( Pagan Band) LT
Russian Joga (Altay Ashram) RU
Firerinitiation (Ragana Lithuania)
Reiki , Cristal Healing (Sw.VetNakab) A
Celtic Ritual (Pagan Group LT)
Kundalini, Dynamic, (Meditation sessions by Sw. Amrit Jarshan, Danjela,
Shamanic Labyrint

Open Air

Necton (spirit zone) SWE

Alegria (spirit zone,sunset) D

HUX FLUX (spiral trax) SWE

Magnetrixx (tatsu) D

Sediment 4 (Insolation rec.)D

Gen . 6 (creon) SWE

Morganixx (medium) D

Bone (Interzone) CH

Parasphere Klangprojection D

Panthera Tigris (Freiburg) D

Happy Endless (Lithuva) LT


Alegria (spirit zone,sunset rec.)D

Morgana ( medium rec.)D

D ñ NOX (tatsu rec.) D

Leif Hatfield (sunset, transient)D

Gen . 6 (creon rec.) SWE

Gegga ( baluns rec. ) SWE

Halo (surreal audio rec.) FIN

Dani W. ( mondmilch ,5vor12)CH


Merry (mondm,5vor12)CH

Dj Saga ( strokes temple rec.) LT

KLAMSI (crazy people) EU

Texola (sphinx ch,cp) CH

F I O ( miditation) D

Crazysphere ( crazy people) CH

FOG ( orbit X ) D

Red Purple ( EOS) D

Djane Joyce ( crazy people) CH

Greg (crazy People) FR

Nebula =

Mana Fusion (gaja´s electric. garden) D


deco = Celtic Village createt by the Shamans, Lotus Stage with a Runes Hill,Paintings 3d Deco by Harald (Flurolisum) D,Stonis Concept CH, Transeship D, Sphinx CH, M3 Art, =



Kernave/ Vilnius

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