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Jul 3, 2002 - Jul 7, 2002

Date: Apr 23, 2002
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The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is revered in many cultures as a symbol of cyclic change. It represents immortality and re-incarnation - life, death, and rebirth. The Phoenix Festival is an outdoor art and music festival that celebrates the themes of the Phoenix through dance, music, art, technology, creativity, and community! This year, our third, will be dedicated to regeneration and renewal.
The Phoenix Festival is a community creation, a space for collective madness and individual revelry. Do you have an idea for a 30-foot sculpture made out of coat hangers? Make it happen here! Do you dream of running around in nothing but blue paint and a backpack? This is the place!

Above all, Phoenix Festival is about collaboration. We provide a safe space, music stages, and brilliant performers-you provide the rest. The festival will be what you make it, a tapestry of all the inspired visions that you bring. So come create, dance, laugh and live with us!

Open Air


HUX FLUX (live)(spiral trax, sweden)

DJ ANTI (spiral trax, sweden)

GHREG ON EARTH (spectral concepts)

RAIN (phutureprimative soundlabs)

MUSCHI (inertia labs)


BROTHOMSTATES (live)(warp records, finland)

MACHINE DRUM (live) (m3rck, florida)

SUTEKH (live) (belief systems, california)

+many many more

[community participation]

tons of art/theme camps, installations, and renegade soundsystems


$25-35 limited presale; more at gate



website: http://www.phoenixfest.com

Pacific Northwest, USA

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