Germany  e-vibes: good music for good actions - benefits party

May 11, 2002 - May 12, 2002, Hannover

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Date: Mar 18, 2002
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Finally a dream through internet-groups and real minds came true..
An idea of making a female flavoured party
together with friends from e-vibes (an e-group) and make it for benefits..
seems lots of fun!
On the 11th of may night the ladies will make music, deko, light, chai and
and will spend the money to a good cause:
a home in south-african capital Johannesburg (Nkosi´s Haven)
which takes good care of mothers and children infected with HIV
(medicine, education, acomodation, etc)..
Nowadays South Africa is the most critical place
where the HIV virus spreads faster than information,
killing millions of people every year.
We hope to realize more parties with this and other purpouses,
and have every help from people out there!
more infos @


Lava 303, Anaís, Tante Lotte, Miss Poizon, Alice D, Evelina, E-Liese


deco by Graczy, light by Maggi.e, projections by Katrin, chai and good vibes


at the door






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