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Apr 27, 2002 - Apr 28, 2002, Zagreb

Date: Mar 15, 2002
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dj Jakov : Eqked : Xperiment : Etnica.Net
He started in 1994. by playing at trance parties and raves in Paris. Packed with new music and new psy-vibes he and his friends started XperimenT- a dj.association proudly responsible for building a trance scene in Belgrade. Now, after seven years of dj.experience, he sucessfuly incorporates many new tendencies into his full psychedelic set.
DJ CV: - domestic parties in Belgrade / gigs in Macedonia /VooV Experience 1999/"After-Solipse" party Hungary / "Sunrise Zone", Athens /"Natraj-Temple", Munich / Atisha- Hamburg /Florence, Rome-Italy/ Boom festival 2000-Portugal etc...
- has or had residency in every significant techno-trance club in Belgrade

- worked with dj names like: Joti Sidhu, Dino Psaras, Max Lanfranconi, Serge Souqe, Tsuyoshi, Mark Allen, Anti, Slide, Chris Organic etc...
His project (live-act) with Dragan Stojanovic&Stojan Silbaski as a producer is EQKED.first 12" came out for Hadshot Records (april2000). Tracks also released for Rumour Records London, Neurobiotic Rec. (Italy) and Shpastic Elastic (Germany).


JAKOV : Eqked : : Beograd

GANESH : Polyphonik : Humor Tumor Sekta recs : Zgb

KOBAYAGI : Mind Factory : Zgb


Tramuntana Art Lab , Fantastichnee Gluparium






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