Feb 15, 2002 - Feb 16, 2002, milano

Date: Feb 9, 2002
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Dj FacePsychedelic Trance-Ambient-Elettronic DubMy name is Face and I have been playing psychedelic trance music since 1995 as a Resident DJ at C.S. Leoncavallo. For the past four years I have also been hosting a music programme called “Brain splatter” which is broadcast on Radio Onda d’Urto, an indie radio station which is part of a network of social centres and squats that are independently managed.Around my promotional and music critic activity, focused on improving no commercial and indie labels, many other initiatives have grown which I supported as DJ and organising, out of the logic of business and speculations. I have organised concerts and also played with Etnica, Total Eclipse, Psychaos, Wizzy Noise, Magus, Lotus Omega, Tribal Drift, Atari Teeage Riot, Loop Guru and many other electronic music DJ’s like Dj Christos Starchild (UK),Joti Sidhu(Psychaos), Edoardo Marvaso (Neurobiotics Record), Marco M45@project , J (Mutoid), Xp AeroDance (Moscow) and Dj Mauri&Kim Young (Etnica net).I have also played (as a DJ) in many different street parades, the anti-drug prohibitionin Milan, Gay Pride and in 1999 “riprendiamoci le strade!” parade in Lugano. As well as my activity at C.S. Leoncavallo I have contributed to the organisation of some illegal raves with the antiMuzakFront group and Breda squat of which over 4000 people attended, in ex-industrial buildings and abandoned areas. And in 1999 in the vineyards of Sizzano, I staged a three day independently organised party, with sound system of 14000 watt! I am interested in expanding my musical horizons and embarking on new collaborations with groups, bands, tribe artists, decorators and graphic designers or offering my performance as a DJ in clubs.I play with 2 CD 500's Pioneer and DJ pdd Newmark


Dj Face

Dj Oribasia

Dj Psynomad


Hemp Bar




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Hemp Bar/Leoncavallo

milano italy

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