Aug 15, 2002 - Aug 19, 2002, VILLAGE of FILIPIADA

Date: Aug 14, 2002
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Unfortunately festival IS CANCELLED.

The reason is the injunction that has been registered to the County court of
Thesprotiko by:
The Mayor of Thesprotiko Preveza, Mr Vasilios Kenourgios
The Mayor of Xirovouniou, Mr Konstantinos Kosmas
The Municipal Adviser of the Municipality of Fillipiada, Mr Mihalis
And a resident of Filippiada, Mr Dimitrios Konstas

in 08/08/2002 (i.e. just 4 days before the beginning of the festival), which results in the County court of Thesprotiko cannot publish the final decision until the 16/08/2002.

In summary we mention that they threaten us with 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of 15.000 Euros for perturbation of the ecosystem, for not observation of treaties for hygiene, safety and order, as well as for the offence of their personality from their not being able to pass through the region of the lake.

Our answer to them is the following:
According to the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS of Greece, the lake is under no arrangement for protection of ecological systems. 100 toilets, 25 showers and 100 persons for security would have covered the hygiene and safety of the people and also help from the municipal police of Filippiada ˆ Traffic Police ˆ Hospital ˆ Fire brigade and volunteers from the Municipality of Filippiada, was available.

The real story:
Greece is in pre-election period and it is not by no means accidental that all this actions for the cancellation of the festival, have begun from the local opposition, obviously for vote gathering reasons.

We are guaranteed with all the essential documents and authorisations from the Municipality of Filippiada, in which the lake belongs, from the 11-03-2002, as well as from the local authorities (Police ˆ Fire Brigade).

We APOLOGIZE to the people that waited all this the time for VOAMA FESTIVAL. We would like to inform you that we will bring a law suit against every direction.

Also we will shortly announce the way of returning your money for the tickets that have already been sold.

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