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Jan 19, 2002 - Jan 20, 2002, Zagreb

Date: Jan 7, 2002
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Real name Daniel Dimitrovski. International top DJ. Over 300 parties. Mostly in Republic of Macedonia, but also in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, Portugal... Plays dance & ambient stuff.
Part of "underground" since his first band as a drummer in 84. Punk, post punk, gothic, metal, "indi" stuf, industrial, early psychodelia, early electronic music... Early '89 until '91 creator of the first underground music show on the main national radio. In '91 went to London, join a band, he did one album, one 7",10",12", colaboration, Europian tour, 100 of gigs... '95 Back in Skopje, continue radio thing , starts organizing his parties, dj-ing a lot, bringing so many DJ's from everywhere, making music, writing, painting, designing...
Wants to travell and will bring quality DJ's in Macedonia. Played with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Matsuri), James Monro (Flying Rhino), Fred Giteau (POF), Joti Sidhu, Dino Psaras (Atomic), Axel (Spirit Zone), Max & Mauricio (Etnica), Anti (Spiral Trax), Miranda, Alpha & Sam (, Kai Mathesdorf, Mat Mushroom (Mushroom Magazine), Wadl & Chris (Nephilim) ,Goa Gill , Yaniv (Hadshot), Mark Allen (Quirk), Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor), Pena (Flow), Edoardo (Neurobiotic recs), Synchro etc.....and almost everyone from Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria.


Bushava Azbuka_Family of Light_Skopje

Ganesh_Humor Tumor Sekta


Vanja_Harm prod.


Tramuntana Art LabElena(Metamedia)




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