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Mar 31, 2001 - Apr 1, 2001

Date: Mar 16, 2001
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Solar Sonic Party
Saturday 31st March 2001
Solar Sonic presents Something Different.

For the first time in Gauteng, Solar Sonic is hosting
a Solar Powered Outdoor - Indoor Dance Party.

Solar Sonic has been working with Solar Powered Sound
since 1997 and are involved in ŒThe Futures Field'
production at the Rustlers Valley Easter Festival 13th
April to 16th April 2001.

Solar Sonics mission is to create working models of
practical solar applications that can be used to
demonstrate the potential of harnessing energy from
the sun and the benefits of generating your own power.
We provide a number of working examples of solar power
from, bore hole pumps, to 12v volt small scale
lighting, to inverted 220 volt power for TV and Video,
and large solar set ups to power our Sound rigs,
Lights and General Household requirements.

A 4.5 k solar sound rig, that will blow you away
(main) and a 1.5 k ambient rig. Both are totally
powered by energy from the Sun stored in deep cycle
solar batteries.

You can also expect a full bar, tea, coffee & chai
shop as well as some yummy treats, Traders & much much
more. Real toilets
Ample facilities, a U.V. Dome of note and a nice dam
for daytime.

The ever-popular Back Door Initiative (B.D.I.) will be
presenting some wild fire and pyrotechnical displays,
lookout for some of the most incredible U.V. puppets
and crazy stilt costumes.

Warm and waterproof space will be available should the
need arise.
A 22ft Tee ˆ Pi will be a healing space for Massage,
Astrology, Reiki & more.

For sunset Drum Zone will be offering a drum circle
to warm you up.

So if you are looking for something else, don't miss
this one.

When? 31 March 2001
Where? River sands, 6km from Fourways Mall along
William Nicol Dr.
Info ? Speak to Alf or Sandy @ 083 310 5771
Price R50 Door ˆ Pre R35 @ Irie Hemp, Melville

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