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Aug 18, 2000 - Aug 20, 2000, near San Francisco

Date: Jul 12, 2000
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Welcome to the world of FUSION a gathering of the tribes from the four
corners of our planet . Join us for 3 days and 2 nights on 3 soundsystems
under the sun and stars to celebrate life, music and diversity. We have
an amazing lineup of international and local artists raniging from trance
to break to chill and everything in between. to satisfy all our
senses.Gates open to the festival on Friday August 18th at 3pm and stay
open till 6pm on Sunday. There are Beautiful swimming holes nearby as
well as fresh mountain water to quench your thirst. There will also be
Yoga & Tai Chi workshops during the day (program guide and map will be
given out upon arrival at the festival). Full organic kitchen as well as
a marketplace. all vendors interested in setting up a booth for food,
clothes, art, massage should contact adam@eyephunk.com . In addition to
the price of admission every vehicle must be in the possession of a
wastebag. The land that this festival is on is sacred and beautiful we
would like to keep it this way.

Open Air



Growling mad scientist - amsterdam (TIP WORLD/SPUN),System Busters -

Ibiza (TIP WORLD/SPUN), Process - UK (TIP/Flying

Rhino/Creamcrop/twisted), BUFO - SF (Ceiba rec/Eyephunk) , Kode IV - SF

(Ceiba rec), Water Juice - SF (Ceiba rec/Eyephunk), Shaffpuff - israel

(MDMA), Untied States - SF/Switzerland, A.B. - digerido oblivion -



Dimitri - UK (TIP World), Bansi (GMS) amsterdam, Shanti - la (frequency

deluxe/ TIP/spun), Synchro Amsterdam (tip/liquid audio)Vajra - eyephunk

sf, kj - eyephunk sf

Jermiah - spec psy, jon mark - integral gathering/6th sense, wyse -

interspace la

Dutch - Thump, Dov - eyephunk / radiov


B.L.I.M - UK (botchit & Scarper/Emotif ),K - norway (moving

shadow/certificate 18),Nick Taylor - Australia -

(edgecore/Tip/matsuri/snakething/prana), dimitridkn uk (10 kilo) Jackie

onassid -Austrlia - reflecta/disconits/psyharmonics/edgecore, Amanda -

New Zealand (big green pleasure machine/edgcore/Kog), Jet more

-cyberdelica Tokyo, Anon - eyephunk, Adam Ohana - Eyephunk, amnon -

infinite Frequewency rec LA, Lorin - 13 MoontribeAntonio - sf/venezuela -

soundactiveZavtone, Neal - CCC (SF), Miss E - Radio V, alex - MAD, capt

neo - braindrops

Groove garden

rob Rayle - Bufo/koinea, Galen -Koinea, Moth - Eyephunk, Daniel - CCC,

Surreal - 3/eyephunk, Goz - Radio V, Kiva - 6th sense, Vardan - sf, Subal

- 13 moontribe, Brother - 13 moontribe, Jaguar 13 - ccc, Capt Quasar -

sf, DJ Xray - SF, lotek - SF, RanD (ccc)


INFO LINES (323)692-3471 , (510)496-2711

near San Francisco CA

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