United States  Synthetic Sadhus - TIP

May 19, 2000 - May 20, 2000, Queens, NYC

Date: Jun 12, 2000
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Live: Lotus Omega (T.I.P.-Italy).

Dj Set: Total Eclipse (T.I.P.-Blue Room-France),

Raja Ram (T.I.P.-Shpongle-Yeti-Twisted-UK),

Dimitri (T.I.P.-UK),

Ken (Synthetic Sadhus-NY).

In the Sacred Room meditative soundscape invoked by: Matrika.

Featuring: Kalyx (Matrika-Growroom Records),

Raja Ram (TIP-Shpongle-Yeti-UK),

Asu (Organic Trancendence-NYC).


Fluoro psychestetic enviroment by: Brahma (TIP records-UK), Jamin Murphy (NYC), Synthetic Sadhus - Krisz - Severyn (NYC), Moonwalker (Bali). Landscapes of light & images on film by Brittany (Matrika).


212 774 7728

Amazura Ballroom, 91-12 144th Place, Jamaica,

Queens, NYC New York

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