United States  The Ambient Groove Temple

Apr 15, 2000 - Apr 16, 2000, Berkeley

Date: Jun 12, 2000
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8-9pm... New Edge Speakers/Discussion

featuring - Faustin Bray - founder, Sound Photosynthesis.

9-11:30pm... Live Performances

"Rasa" - contemporary fusion of Indian devotional songs with acoustic and electronic textures featuring the invocative vocals of Kim Waters and Hans Christian on serengi, cello, sitara and bass.

Special performances by ExistDance ritual dance theater company

Tribal improv session with Master Didjeridu player Stephen Kent and Chris Deckker (Medicine Drum)and friends.

11:00pm DJs...

Jeni - Santa cruz

Lorin - 13 Moon tribe collective Santa Cruz...

Massage rooms & Didjeridoo healing circles by the Anahata Collective, delicious organic food by chef sprout and more......





7th Heaven Yoga Center, 2820 7th Street


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